Introducing… Yogandha

At this busy time of the year, there’s nothing more important than finding the time to stand still and bring a bit of calm into your life. Yogandha‘s founder, Sinead Duffy, had this in mind when she used her yoga practice to develop wellness fragrances that help to calm, uplift and balance the mind. Read on to find out about one particularly surprising ingredient…


Yogandha’s Founder, Sinead Duffy


Yogandha was founded by yoga and mindfulness teacher, Sinead Duffy as a very practical way to bring calm and self-connectedness into your every day. Sinead spent three years meditating and blending on the wellbeing goals of her yoga students to create the range. The result is very deep and totally benefits-focused. They make an easy and enjoyable wellbeing practice. Sinead is passionate about how well and deeply these blends work. She now teaches internationally on how to use fragrance for mind-body wellbeing.

Get that feeling of wellness


Our Body oils are for every day wellness – our best seller is Yogandha Detox because you can use it as a shower oil every morning – it clears the system on all levels, gives clarity and a morning mood boost.  It even helps if you’ve over-indulged the night before!

Our wellbeing rollerballs are about mood management on-the-go. Yogandha Salute is the best seller because it boost mood, energy levels, your immune system and even your ability to concentrate. It has been known as ‘a wonderbra for the mind’!

Yogandha’s key ingredients


Our nourishing Body oils:

  • Yogandha Muscle Soothe – Warm, foresty tones of ginger & marjoram relieves & revives tired limbs
  • Yogandha Detox – Refreshing lemongrass & cleansing juniperberry will purify & detox the body and boost lymphatic drainage
  • Yogandha Relax – Rich lavender & grounding vetiver induces a state of sublime relaxation and calm

Mood-boosting rollerballs

  • Yogandha Ground – Mindful sandalwood & frankincense calms, relaxes & soothes.
  • Yogandha Balance – Divine jasmine & refreshing cypress re-aligns at every level
  • Yogandha Salute – Zesty grapefruit & invigorating bergamot energises mind & body


The surprising benefits of Frankincense


It’s a well known story that the three Wise Men brought the gift of Frankincense to the birth of Jesus. Have you ever wondered why is it that Frankincense was considered fit for a king? The answer is in the depth of its uses – from the every day daily rituals to helping fostering a meditative mind. It nurtures and protects mind, body and spirit.

On one level, it has extremely practical uses & properties for self-care every day rituals:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Re-generates the skin
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces stress in the body
  • Helps clear coughs and colds
  • Scars heal faster
  • Fosters a feeling of satisfaction
  • Promotes more restful sleep

But as well as these very bodily benefits, Frankincense works deeply on the emotional and even the spiritual level.

It has actually been used in all major meditative traditions because it slows and deepens the breath, putting you into an immediate quieter mind-state. This mental state helps to turn the mind from the busyness of the everyday and connect with more sacred elements.

While we can’t know what was going through the minds of the Wise Men while they were choosing what they’d bring as gifts, if you introduce Frankincense into your every day, you’ll get a good sense of why.

To make Frankincense an easy part of your every day, use Yogandha Ground (in your bag or on your desk at least once per day to step you out of the busy-mind) and Yogandha Relax as part of your nightly ritual. Rub on the face (for its incredibly skin regenerating) massage the feet to fully absorb its many bodily benefits and rub on the arms, so you’ll breathe it in and unwind into a deep and restful sleep.


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