Hair today, shine tomorrow!

We’ve all had a hair disaster at one time or another; I once went in for a Cat Deeley and came out with a Sharon Osbourne. I spent the next two years trying to restore my dignity, and restore the health of my hair. In places it looked completely frazzled. I still have nightmares about it now, the offending salon, although it pains me shall remain nameless.  It took a lot of tender loving care but I got my old hair back in the end.

So this weekend I had the utmost sympathy for a friend who returned from the hair salon looking like the colourist had used neat Domestos to highlight her blond locks.

If you are sadly suffering in the hair department at the moment then use any spare minutes you have to give yourself a mini treatment with a hair masque or conditioner.  I also can’t stress how much it  helps  to avoid heat styling while you are working to rebuild your hair to previous form (ceramic irons can be as hot as 200 degrees…ouch that’s hot.)

If you just can’t live without poker straight hair (although I did hear it’s sooo 2009) use a heat protection spray and also invest in a product to smooth and set the unruly damaged areas once you have finished styling.  It’s a triple pronged attack and it takes dedication, so here are my recommendations to get your hair back to feeling strong, healthy and you might even get a hint of shine in there too!

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