Hero product of the week: Olivina Body & Leg Oil

Banish dry, tired, scaly legs this winter

You may not be familiar with Olivina, a gorgeous, hard working portfolio of products from the Napa Valley in California, but this winter I strongly advise you to get acquainted with one another. This capsule range (featuring fresh scents of lavender, fig and olive) lends itself so well to our winter skincare woes. Ladies, why do we all let our legs get so dry, hairy and unsightly in the winter? I’m sure like me, you cringe when you are trying on your sexy new Christmas party dress and you are forced to reveal your neglected, pasty pins! So this year I refuse to let myself get into such a state. I’m religiously using Olivina Body & Leg Oil.

Applied slowly and thoroughly in a massaging motion, it soothes heavy, tired, itchy legs and leaves me with luscious, silky, gleaming skin. It will also help you to cling onto the last dregs of your summer holiday tan.  No more flakiness and no more embarrassing situations in the fitting rooms. Oh and don’t forget to try the Hand Creams and Body Butters; these beauties are most definitely on my Christmas list this year!

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