Exclusive interview with Dr. Murad and win a Renew gift!

Tired of acne? Looking for a new cleanser? Simply want to know which Murad products are right for you? Find out all this and more as I will be asking your burning skincare questions in an exclusive interview with Dr. Howard Murad on Tuesday!

The award-winning Murad line treats a wide range of skin problems, including adult acne, rosacea, aging and more – using the latest technologies resulting in optimum skin health.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get involved in the conversation! Leave your question for Dr. Murad in a comment below. We will select the best 3 (at least!) to ask during our interview – the results will be posted on the blog on Thursday 19th May.

In true Bath & Unwind spirit, that’s not all. If Dr Murad picks your question as his favourite, you will win a free Murad Renew Gift  worth £27.00!! This is the perfect set for summer! Includes 1 x AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml, 1 x NEW Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer – Dewy Finish 5ml, 1 x Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 10ml, and 1 x Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 30ml.Murad Renew Gift woth £27.00

So put your thinking caps on, beauty lovers!

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14 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Dr. Murad and win a Renew gift!

  1. Like many women I too suffer with the dreaded red upper arm syndrome. It does not appear an an obvious raised rash and there are no lumps or bumps but I forever have a reddish hue to my upper arms. What is this and what can I do about it? I have tried various lotions and potions for sensitive skins but to no avail. I use Murad products on my face but have not tried any of the body products.

    Looking forward to your response.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Reema and I am 27 years old.I would like to know the basic skincare routine for combination skin type. I have had oily skin with acne and breakouts for almost 10 years right from when I was a teenager.Now its oily only in the T-zone and gets patchy dry immediately after I wash my face. I have tried mild gel cleansers thinking my skin is oily but the mildest product also leaves it dry. Please advise me what kind of cleanser and moisturizers I should be using now and what formulation in my make up will not aggravate the skin leading to breakouts.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    I’m sure it’s not just me who has this problem. I suffer from dry skin after cleansing or first thing in the morning but by the end of the day my skin is always oily and shiny! I’ve tried cleansers/toners/moisturisers for all skin types – sensitive, dry, oily, combination but have never found the right combination. Even the lightest moisturiser leaves it oily but every cleanser seems to dry my skin out! Is there anything you can recommend or suggestions? I’d love to find a new and complete skincare routine that will sort this out!

    Thank you!

  4. Dear Dr Murad,

    I am approaching the big 50 soon, and have always had a problem with very dry skin. Can you tell me please, what skin care routine I should adopt, to keep my skin looking as radiant as is possible for a middle aged Lady ??

    Many Thanks

  5. I’m 36, and i’ve always had acne ever since I was young. I’ve tried so many things to get that lovely clear skin but no luck, I find that if I use creams my skin is so oily then makes me feel like I want to wash my face again and get more oily when I put my makeup on top, and if I don’t use any creams my skin will be so dry and feel sore. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in August with an off the shoulder dress so I can’t hide – what’s the best things to use that’s not going to cost the earth?

  6. Hi, im 24, female and for the past few years ive experienced an oily forehead but my brow and my bridge area are flaky. To the touch the area feels greasy but its not. I’ve tried upping my veg/fruit intake and tried all sorts of combo skin products but nothing works. It either dries out the flaking area too much or makes my oily patch worse. Help! Any advice would be great.

  7. I’m going to be celebrating (if that’s the right word!!) my 40th birthday in less than two weeks, and I STILL get occasional breakouts! I seem to panic about spots one week and use products aimed at teenagers, and worry about lines the following week, and use the same skincare routine as my mum! How can I balance the two concerns?

  8. Hi Dr Murad

    I’m 41 and have been blessed with pretty good skin – apart from I have really large pores. Is there anything that can be done to minimise the appearance of them. Does my cleansing routine have any effect on them?


  9. I used to drink far too much and have the dreaded red spider marks on my cheeks, even though I no longer drink. is there any way I can get rid of them?

  10. Hiya at 46 I’ve started to notice a couple of liver spots on the back of my hands. How can I prevent this.?

    Many thanks

  11. I’m a 40 year old woman with a couple questions& a concern. When i was 2 i had chicken pocks with 1 being right on my left eyelashes leaving a big amount of lashes missing & scar tissue over that part, what would help them regrow? Also i have M.S. & was diagnosed in 07, since then i gained 30 lbs, noticed my face is dryer than normal&my pores have gotten larger. Do you have any ideas for my beauty issues& weight also. It’s very hard & my self esteem is very low. I use to be 110lbs, health& not so bad! I’m sorry i just get down very easily, so sorry.. Thank you, Trish

  12. Hi Trisha,

    Thanks so much you for your post. I have replied to you privately, so please check your emails (it may have gone to junk mail!) and look out for one from Bath & Unwind. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With best wishes,


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