Site improvements!

It feels like just yesterday we rolled out our newly designed site. In fact, it was nearly 7 months ago! Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we really appreciate and take it to heart. We do everything we do here for YOU, after all! Coming into a busy time of year for everyone, we wanted to give our new site a little face-lift with some additional improvements making it easier for you to browse and find what you are looking for. If you have been to the site this week, you may have even caught a glimpse of our work-in-progress. The changes, some small, some not so small, are nearly all implemented, so I thought I would share some of the best.

The Homepage

One of the first places you will notice our improvements is on our homepage. Starting at the top, we have cleaned it up a bit, simplified the area where your basket/check out is, and added a wish list feature! Now you can start planning all the beauty treats that you will be asking for this year. Soon, we will be adding a way to easily share this list with others, so you can email “Santa” exactly what you want, and he won’t have to try to any decisions on his own.

Next, we have added a dedicated Makeup tab to the navigation! We needed this new Makeup section, as Emily has been getting us wonderful new make up brands like DuWop, New CID, Becca, Elizabeth Arden, and many more. Makeup is now broken down into Complexion, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips, Nails, Accessories and Kits, to make it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

We have removed the distracting drop down menus, and improved the way you get to the pages and how quickly they load. The new brands menu and offers tab are now on the right, and allow you to view everything in a scrolling drop down menu, or visit the A-Z Brand and Offers pages via a “view all” link at the bottom of each menu. We have also added some of our best offers to the homepage so you can see our best savings at a glance.

One of my favourite improvements is our new tabbed product area. In this area we feature products that you love, are new in to us, our picks, and natural beauty products. You will find this area not only on the homepage, but in each of our main categories, and on some of our bigger brands too! It’s a great way to browse what everyone else is loving, and see our newest and favourite new items.

The Footer

Most website footers are pretty boring, right? A little copyright notice, maybe a few links… not us! We have added quite a few new things to the footer to make it work as it really should; as a place you can look to from ANY PAGE and find what you need.

We still have your recently viewed items area, down from showing five products at a time to three larger views, so it’s a little easier to see. Below that we have some of our company tenets, a little glimpse into the Bath & Unwind ethos, as well as customer testimonials. No one knows more about what the shopping experience is like at Bath & Unwind than you do!

Next, we have a large navigation area, with links to all our categories, much like a sitemap, which should be helpful if you are not quite sure what you are looking for, or where to find it. On the left, we have an area for our customer services links, and our secure shopping verification badge. We take your security very seriously, which is why our site is independently tested every day by McAfee to ensure your details and personal information are secure.

We wanted to share some of the press we have been getting, so we have added that info here. It’s nice to know you can be on the lookout for your favourite Bath & Unwind goodies in some of your favourite publications! Finally, the old standards, including our social media and blog links, our newsletter sign up, payment options, and yes, a little copyright notice and a few more links. Can’t break tradition completely, can we?

We’ve done some other polishing and shining across the site that we hope you will enjoy. Again, if you did experience any problems this week as we rolled out the new site, we are truly sorry, and please let us know if you have any additional issues going forward!

Let us know what you think of the new site!

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