My hunt for the perfect mascara…

I love makeup. I really do. I love trying out new products and looks, and I am always experimenting with different colours. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to the makeup I use as I think different brands and products can add so much to your look. However, there is one thing in my makeup bag that I am really fussy about, and that is my mascara. The right mascara can make your eyes look big, bright and beautiful. The wrong mascara can make your eyes look clumpy, blobbly and gloopy.

So, what do I look for in my mascara?

  • I hardly ever use waterproof mascaras as I like to strip all my makeup off at the end of the day for a blank canvas in the morning. So a mascara that has staying power, but will come off easily at night when I wash my face is a massive bonus.
  • I also like my mascara to add a lot of length as well as volume to my lashes as I am a big lover of long, luscious and flirty lashes.
  • Finally, I like my mascara to be fast drying. There’s nothing worse then spending time making your eyelashes look perfectly separated only to brush your hair fifteen minutes later and ending up with a black-tipped fringe! 

The mascara I am using at the moment is New CID’s i-flutter Double Brush Lengthening Mascara. And I LOVE it. It adds a lot of length and volume to my eyelashes, without making them look clumpy or like I have used a whole tube. It stays well during the day and into the night, without the need for touch-ups, but come bedtime it washes off easily with a gentle makeup remover. It is gentle and doesn’t have a strong scent which can sometimes irritate my eyes. The brush is also a perfect medium size; it isn’t so big it makes putting on your mascara awkward, but it’s just big enough to give you good coverage. I never, ever want this mascara to run out! It is now an absolute must have in my makeup bag.

I have also recently discovered Twilight Beauty Luna Gleam Metallic Mascara in Mist (Twilight Beauty is bought to us from the same people who make DuWop). This is a dark silver mascara with a subtle gleam, and is amazing for layering with your favourite mascara when getting ready for a night out as it adds extra dimension to your lashes and a cheeky little metallic gleam. Personally, I wouldn’t use it on its own as I have very fair skin and eyelashes, so I think it would really wash me out. If you’re feeling brave or just fancy making your
makeup stand out then you could easily use this mascara on its own.Charlotte's signature

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