Aromatherapy for relaxation

Aromatherapy involves the use of natural aromatic oils that have been extracted from plants. The aromas are said to enhance your physical and psychological well-being and promote healing. Here at Bath & Unwind, we love natural fragrances and have lots of aromatherapy treats for you to choose from.

My favourite aromatherapy products have always been those that help me unwind and relax. At home I have a wide selection of essential oils from Neal’s Yard Remedies and Aromatherapy Associates, that I combine depending on my mood. I add them to my bath or use them in a stoneware burner to fragrance the room.

Lavender and roman chamomile are perfect for relaxation and promoting a good night’s sleep. I like to blend lavender with geranium for its balancing and calming properties, or with frankincense if I’m feeling stressed or worried. I have always loved the scent of jasmine and use this on its own as an indulgent treat in a hot bath for its sensual and soothing aroma, or I use a body oil containing jasmine after bathing.

Aromatherapy is so versatile with something to suit everyone. What are your favourite relaxing aromas?

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