Who are Caudalie?

  • Brand Name: Caudalie – Pronounced “Caw-da-lee”
  • Founded: In France by Mathilda and husband Bertrand in 1993
  • What makes them special: Caudalie originally established in Bordeaux at the heart of the vineyards on the family estate by a woman called Mathilda, with the help of her husband Bertrand they began to build a skincare empire and go on to sell their natural skin care range internationally
  • Ingredient Information:
  1. Organic grape water, grape-seed oil
  2. Fair trade shea butter
  3. Sage, chamomile and flax seed
  4. Avocado and apricot butters
  5. Ginseng, ginger and echinacea
  6. Orange and lemon plant waters
  7. Vine and grape extracts
  • Hero Products:
  1. Beauty Elixir
  2. Foaming Cleanser Fleur De Vigne
  3. Premier Cru The Eye Cream

“In my vineyard, we say that when the vine cries, the faces of women illuminate”

– Mathilda Thomas

The Story Behind Caudalie

Mathilda and her husband in 1993 believed that their vines and grapes possessed exceptional powers for the skin. By creating a skincare range on this basis, the couple went on to develop the power of these vines and grapes into an internationally known brand.

In 1995 they registered a patent for extracting and stabilising grape-seed Polyphenols and created the Caudalie brand.

2017-21-02 Bath&unwind-201
Caudalie have a wide range of products including the essence filled vinoperfect

Here is a little bit more about those  hero products:

Beauty Elixir(100ml) £32

This Beauty Elixir is to be applied between foundation and powder. Designed to tighten pores and enhance radiance, it is hugely popular at Bath & Unwind. Its minty fragrance gives it that fresh and ready for the day ahead feeling. We like to keep one of these in our handbags, on our desks and in the bathroom so we can reapply for optimal results throughout the day. To “powder your nose” is only half of it.

Inspired by the ‘elixir of youth’ used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary.

Foaming Cleanser Fleur De Vigne(150ml) £15

A good cleanser is paramount in a daily routine and this Foaming Cleanser Fleur De Vigne knows how to perform.  It is in fact a Bath & Unwind best seller! Without using parabens or oily minerals this is the prefect cleanser for even the most oily of skin types, it will not dry the skin out, nor will it become tight or dehydrated.

The thick creamy consistency makes for the prefect deep cleanse ensuring every pore is gently touched with just one pump. Completing this routine twice a day will remove all dirt and make up from the face, leaving the skin feeling fresh and plump.

Caudalie say grape-seed Polyphenols are the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world.

Premier Cru The Eye Cream(15ml) £49

The first signs of ageing is usually visible on the face, specifically the dreaded crows feet and bags under the eyes. So to stop the constant worry of this becoming a reality. Caudalie have created the ultimate elixir that will correct dark circles, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, brighten up and give the eye contour radiance and firmness. It can be used alone if make up is not your thing, or can be blended with your usual foundation.

15ml may seem extremely small, you only need a tiny drop of it on each eye, 5oz should last a fairly long time. If used everyday it should last up to 3 months.

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