Self love and self care is something we care passionately about here at Bath & Unwind HQ. We’re big believers in using skincare as part of our self care routines, but there are so many other ways you can take time for yourself.

With International Women’s Day coming up, we’ve collaborated with the gorgeous Fred and Far, and asked founder Melody Godfred some questions about who inspires her and her self care routine.

What is your self-care / self-love routine?

For me both self love and self care are fluid concepts. The key is being connected to myself and knowing what I need each day and having the courage and discipline to give it to myself. This past month, my two-year-old son had a health scare and we ended up in the hospital. With that, all my usual self care and self love rituals went out the window. Healthy eating? No. Hydration? No. Skincare? No. Sleep? Stretching? Exercise? Fun? No, no and no. But during that week of uncertainty, fear and pain, self love for me was showing up for my son and doing whatever it took to get him healthy. And now that he has recovered, self love is working everything back into my schedule without expecting it to happen perfectly or over night. But I’m on my way. And that feels good. 

As we’re beauty and skincare obsessed – what is your evening skincare routine?

Skincare is something I’ve gotten really into the past year. First, I use Micellar water to remove my makeup. Next I use a gentle cleanser to wash my face (right now it’s Purity by Philosophy). Once a week I’ll exfoliate with Lancer’s The Method: Polish Exfoliator (it’s amazing). Next I use witch hazel to do one final cleanse of my pores before applying Differin on my forehead, nose and chin. It’s a retinol that only costs about $10 and is super effective. Last, I put some Vitamin C oil on by Sunday Riley. But when I’m exhausted or lazy, at the very least I’ll do the Micellar water to remove my makeup. Not sleeping with makeup no matter what is probably one of the most adult decisions I’ve made and stuck too. 

How do you juggle your business, family and making enough time for yourself?

This is a question I get asked a lot – and the answer is always the same: with flexibility and forgiveness (mainly towards myself). Like most women – I have a lot on my plate. To thrive, I try to focus my thoughts on the blessings, and not what’s missing. When I’m working I”m 100% focused on my work (instead of feeling guilty that I’m not with my kids). And vice versa. And when I get pulled in one direction or another, I flow with it. 

 I currently run two businesses: Write In Color (my resume writing company that I launched in 2010) and Fred and Far (my self love movement). I also do speaking engagements and workshops as the Self Love Philosopher in connection with my book The ABCs of Self Love. So really, three jobs. To make this trifecta work,  I tend to spend 80% of my time doing what absolutely needs to be done in order for the work to continue and survive, and 20% on growth or more creative initiatives. In a “perfect” world I’d spend more time on growth. But I’ve done away with the need for perfection. I don’t always meet all my goals on my ideal timeline. And that’s okay. That’s where flexibility and forgiveness come in. 

And then there’s my family:: my twin daughters Stella and Violet are almost eight, and my son Teddy is almost two. My husband and I will soon be celebrating our ten year anniversary this July. When I’m with my family, I do my best to give them my undivided attention. Being present in the moment I am in – this is one of my best and most essential self love tactics.

With regard to making time for myself: the time I get for myself isn’t accidental: it’s scheduled. I schedule downtime where I get to rest (and not just at night – sometimes that downtime is at 7 am). I schedule time with friends to recharge and have fun. I schedule workouts. Everything has a place on the calendar – including me. 

With International Women’s Day approaching, we’d love to know the women who inspire you the most in your life?

The women of Fred and Far (my self love movement powered by the Self Love Pinky Ring) are my greatest inspiration. They show up for themselves, each other, and especially me, every single day. They bravely tell their stories, honor their authentic selves, and do the work to make self love and self care part of their daily lives. No two are alike: there’s Charlie Robbins in Australia who is a brilliant writer and fierce mother, there’s body positive activist Halle Hathaway, there’s Tracee Ellis Ross, an entrepreneur, actor, and my all-time greatest muse. And there are thousands more, spread across the globe, my self love sisterhood. Each is an essential part of Fred and Far, the Self Love Pinky Ring, and my personal story and impact. 

Finally, all your rings are gorgeous, but if you had to choose, which one is your favourite?

When I started Fred and Far in 2016, there was only one Self Love Pinky Ring: the white sapphire Self Love Pinky Ring in the original, larger size (with prongs). Since then, I created the Mini Self Love Pinky Ring, and also started offering different birthstones. That means that today there are over 20 Self Love Pinky Ring options to choose from (not including different metals). With so many options, it’s hard to narrow it down. I typically wear two Self Love Pinky Rings: the original in rose gold with a white sapphire (my classic choice) and a mini with a gemstone that gives me whatever metaphysical boost I need. Right now I’m wearing the Mini Garnet Self Love Pinky Ring because garnets boost your passion and sensuality. Who couldn’t use more of that?

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We’d love to hear what your self care routine is, comment below or drop us an email to chat!

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