Top Ten Sun Protection Products

If you are anything like us, the first sign of sun and you are throwing on the first pair of shorts you can find and grabbing the best spot to catch some rays.  In all the excitement we don’t always think about the health risks and dangers involved in sitting in the sun all day. There are hundreds of sun care products on the market … Continue reading Top Ten Sun Protection Products

Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

We have all heard the phrase sensitive skin and there are many beauty products on the market specifically designed for sensitive skin. But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin: Our skin barrier should keep things that irritate the skin way, acting like a shield. For this to work our skin must contain the correct amount of moisture. Our skin is exposed to … Continue reading Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

Gold stars all round – see our award winning products

Picking the right product for you can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge – how do you narrow down the field when there are so many to choose from? Sometimes a tried-and-tested favourite can be your best bet. We’ve rounded up some of the products on Bath & Unwind that not only won prestigious beauty awards in 2013 (sometimes for the third year … Continue reading Gold stars all round – see our award winning products

Get the Look – Red Lips

With winter well and truly here (boo!) and the promise of festive parties just around the corner (hurrah!), we’ve been all about the red lips here at B&U. Instantly chic, we’ve been dying to try them out so a couple of our favourite staffers volunteered to try two different looks and report back on everything from how the products worked to how well they lasted. At-the-Office … Continue reading Get the Look – Red Lips

Charlotte – the Caudalie convert

When a brand discontinues a product that you totally love, it is inevitable that the quest for a new favourite will soon begin. A couple of months ago, my favourite makeup remover and cleanser were discontinued. After I had turned the house upside down looking for any bottles with a couple of uses left (and then sat on my bathroom floor trying to cut the … Continue reading Charlotte – the Caudalie convert

Best products for sensitive skin

“I can’t because I have sensitive skin” There are so many times I have heard and used this phrase throughout my life. The latest glittery bubble bath my friends were using, the must-have fake tan that girls swore by, those amazing face washes for teenage spots – I could use none of them, as it would effect my sensitive, eczema-prone skin VERY badly. Endless trips … Continue reading Best products for sensitive skin

Need a facial boost? Astalift Re-Plumping Moisture Mask is your saviour

I’ve become a bit of a mask addict of late, and recently had the pleasure of trialling a new spa facial mask from the relatively new brand-on-the-block Astalift. Launched in 2012, Astalift was THE brand of year. Created by Fujifilm, (yes the same company that produces your camera!) Astalift uses a naturally occurring antioxidant called Astaxanthin in all their products to shield skin against the daily environmental damage that can cause … Continue reading Need a facial boost? Astalift Re-Plumping Moisture Mask is your saviour

Ren – tried and tested

Here at Bath & Unwind HQ, we were really excited about the launch of Ren on our website. And the minute a selection of products came into our office we were all dying to try everything out! So – without further ado – here is what we thought of the products we tried. Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish “This is a really gentle exfoliator, and although … Continue reading Ren – tried and tested

Confessions of a product hoarder

My name is Laura and I’m a product hoarder. As you can see, a small (okay maybe quite a large) chunk of my wages go on skin and haircare goodies every month. From perfume to body lotion, cleanser to moisturiser, foundation to nail polish, you can be sure I have (at least) three of each to choose from! But which ones will I be buying again? Below, … Continue reading Confessions of a product hoarder

How To Brighten Your Skin In 4 Easy Steps

It’s easy to take notes and listen hard to all the advice that beauty experts readily give out regarding skin care, but it’s another thing to actually put the advice into practise. So many tips can confuse and intimidate, so we’ve broken it down into four steps to show you how to brighten your skin. Soon your complexion will be glowing and you won’t be overwhelmed by too … Continue reading How To Brighten Your Skin In 4 Easy Steps

Care for your hands this winter with Green & Spring

The winter months can be disastrous for our hands. The combination of drying central heating and the cold biting wind all take their toll, and like many people I find my hands getting very dry and sore. This year, with the help of Green & Spring, I am prepared for all that winter can throw at me. I also love the added bonus that all Green & Spring products are … Continue reading Care for your hands this winter with Green & Spring

Cleanse, tone and moisturise with Dr. Hauschka

  Before working at Bath & Unwind, I used to buy face wipes from discount stores and wonder why I had problem skin! Knowing what I do now, I am now a firm believer in that if you want healthy skin, you have to really think about what your skin is exposed to on a daily basis, considering what you are putting on your skin … Continue reading Cleanse, tone and moisturise with Dr. Hauschka

Add a flash of radiance to your life

My hero product of the month, if not the year, has to be Gatineau Active Eclat Flash Radiance. I save it as a treat for days when I’m feeling tired and run down or when my skin is looking dull. Now the summer has passed us by and I’ve lost any sun-kissed glow I had accumulated, Flash Radiance does exactly what it says – delivers … Continue reading Add a flash of radiance to your life

And the countdown begins…

This week marked the 100 day countdown to Christmas. (Yes Santa, you better start wrapping up my presents!) And this brought me back down to Earth with a little bit of a bump – I was still holding out for our summer! Oh well, as the days are already starting to get shorter, I suppose I better store the bikinis away and dig out my … Continue reading And the countdown begins…