How To Get That Dewy Look

Not too long ago, the “matte look” was trending and us make-up fanatics were looking like porcelain beauties. However, recently the trend has done a 180 turn and now the trend is the “dewy look”. Did we suddenly realise we aged and therefore needed to look fresher? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, if you do it right you can look like a … Continue reading How To Get That Dewy Look

MSM Supplements

Day 1 – I will admit I am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to skincare, the idea of applying multiple products morning and night, and a mask every now and then just seems like too much hard work! So when the opportunity came up of trialling a supplement tablet (from our new brand Oskia) that promises, not only to give you glowing skin, … Continue reading MSM Supplements

Who are delilah?

Brand Name: delilah – Pronounced “de-lie-lah” (always with a little d) Founded: United Kingdom, by Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White.  What makes them special: The idea to build a boutique make-up company and help a client create an image of them selves where they feel confident and beautiful, with ease and high end products.   Ingredient Information:  Iron oxides (colour pigments)  Talcum (powder)  Sodium dehydroacetate (cosmetic preservative)  Tocopheryl … Continue reading Who are delilah?

Who are Caudalie?

Brand Name: Caudalie – Pronounced “Caw-da-lee” Founded: In France by Mathilda and husband Bertrand in 1993 What makes them special: Caudalie originally established in Bordeaux at the heart of the vineyards on the family estate by a woman called Mathilda, with the help of her husband Bertrand they began to build a skincare empire and go on to sell their natural skin care range internationally Ingredient Information: Organic … Continue reading Who are Caudalie?

Top Ten Products For Blemishes and Congested Skin

Many of us suffer from blemishes and congested skin, our first thought is to grab the concealer and cover it all up. Here at B&U we believe in educating our customers to know the best products to tackle the problem head on. It can be embarrassing when redness and blocked pores are shining through your make-up, this is why we are here to guide you … Continue reading Top Ten Products For Blemishes and Congested Skin

Who are The Konjac Sponge Company?

Here at Bath & Unwind HQ we are loving The Konjac Sponge Company, that is like no other. We have been lucky enough to have an insight into the company and learn more about these phenomenal sponges. When we knew this brand would launch we were given a sponge to try, I was given the pink clay, for tired, devitalised skin. I instantly loved the … Continue reading Who are The Konjac Sponge Company?

Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

We have all heard the phrase sensitive skin and there are many beauty products on the market specifically designed for sensitive skin. But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin: Our skin barrier should keep things that irritate the skin way, acting like a shield. For this to work our skin must contain the correct amount of moisture. Our skin is exposed to … Continue reading Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

All you need to know… Studio 10

We got a chance to sit down and talk all things beauty with the founder of cult age perfecting beauty range, Studio 10. Tell us about yourself and your business? Studio 10 is my passion. I’d reached a point in my life where I was looking for a makeup range designed for women as they age. I needed more than products with just added anti-ageing ingredients, but that … Continue reading All you need to know… Studio 10

Halloween Horror Stories… how to handle your worst beauty dilemmas

We’ve all been there, you resolve to do something brave with your beauty look and it goes a little… awry. Or at the worst possible time your skin has a random and violent breakout. Tempting as it might be to hide away with the curtains drawn and the lights down low, help is at hand. We’re sharing our nightmare beauty moments with you and the products … Continue reading Halloween Horror Stories… how to handle your worst beauty dilemmas

Bath & Unwind share their top tips for a good night’s sleep

Finding it hard to get a fulfilling night of sleep? You’re not alone (just take a look at the results from the most recent Great British Sleep Survey). The team at Bath & Unwind are here to help with a roundup of little things they find make a big difference. Anna I always have time to recommend sleep! If I’ve had a particularly busy or stressful … Continue reading Bath & Unwind share their top tips for a good night’s sleep

The Best Beauty Products For Christmas, And Beyond!

With Christmas looming on the horizon, the shops are flooded with people splurging on some brilliant presents for family and friends. You may get drawn to the festive packaging and the seasonal decorations, but it’s worth investing into products that are timeless and will deliver amazing results all year round. We can’t lie, we love a good Christmas set – the gorgeous packaging, the festive bows, … Continue reading The Best Beauty Products For Christmas, And Beyond!

How to remove fake tan

Bathe Add a few drops of your favourite oil to a lukewarm bath to hydrate the skin whilst reviving or relaxing the senses. Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils are simply stunning. Once you’ve finished your (large) glass of wine, read a chapter of your book or simply become bored of lying in the bath, start to gently scrub away your unwanted colour using a … Continue reading How to remove fake tan

Divine moments

  Going on holiday? Have a special event or a hot date that you need to prepare for? Continue reading to learn more about Caudalie‘s newest body offerings – the Divine range. Written by the lovely Nesrin and Temi from Caudalie. If you’ve not heard of the award-winning Divine Oil, then let us tell you about it. Sixty percent of plant oils; grape seed, hibiscus, … Continue reading Divine moments

Confessions of a makeup-phobe

I have an admission which as a woman is something I’m rather ashamed of. I’m in my early (almost mid!) thirties and don’t have a clue about makeup. In fact, skincare generally leaves me cold so I do a very good impression of an ostrich. If I don’t do anything I can’t be doing that much wrong can I?! Unfortunately, I’ve realised that although I still see myself in my (late) … Continue reading Confessions of a makeup-phobe