We all like to enjoy a sun-kissed look in the summer months, it makes us look and feel better and is a nice change from our pale winter bodies to have a healthy summer glow!  This summer whether you chose to obtain your tan the natural way under the suns rays, or the cheats way from a bottle (like myself!), let me share my top 5 tips for how you can achieve the ultimate tan…

1. Exfoliate

It will prepare your skin better for your natural or fake tan, prolong your tan and ensure your skin glows.  Scaly, rough, dry skin will exaggerate any skin issues such as cellulite.  Instantly when the skin is well exfoliated and moisturised, it will appear plumped, healthy, firm and radiant.  Exfoliate before, during and after your holiday to help your tan stay glowing.

2. Ultra conditioned skin holds the tan better

For the ultimate in skin conditioning and serious moisture, sleep in Decleor Body Balms.  Choose from detoxifying, firming, relaxing or improving circulation.  Once you have used a Decleor balm dehydrated skin is a thing of the past.  Wake up to silky skin that not only looks and feels amazing but looks conditioned and moisturised.  Even after you shower your skin feels incredibly soft and well moisturised.

3. Don’t feel pale and rush your tan

When time is of the essence a little colour covers a multitude of bikini sins.  Perfect for when you want to get beach ready the trick is to use moisturisers which have a sun kissed glow that gradually builds every day.  Decleor Natural Glow is part of the amazing Perfect Sculpt Range which is a 3 in 1 product, self tan, body moisturiser and firming, toning serum which instantly leaves the skin feeling tightened and toned.

4. Prepare for tanning

Decleor have a very different approach to sun care as they know that the sun is one of the most harmful aggressions to the skin.  With that in mind they recommend that you treat the skin before, during and after sun exposure with a cocktail of Rose, Camomile and Geranium Essential Oils found in Aromessence Solaire.  This has to be a must if you want to tan safely without causing any damage to your skin.

5. Don’t dehydrate before you get there

Flying is known to dehydrate the skin, what we have to be careful of is if dehydration lines are not treated they can become permanent.  During the flight we would recommend drinking plenty of water and quenching the thirst of the skin with Decleor’s Hydra Floral Mask which will drip feed moisture during the flight.  Leaving the skin plumper and hydrated.

Follow these top Decleor tips and see your skin glow in the summer sunshine.

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