We got to ask CULT51 some questions to find out a little more about the people behind the brand, how they chose their name and what makes them so successful. CULT51 offers results driven products designed to promote youthful, brighter and firmer skin.

I approached this product with extreme scepticism and have come out a convert, which isn’t something that happens very often

India Knight, The Sunday Times

The Story Behind CULT51

Our hero ‘Night Cream’ has 51 individual benefits and therefore we decided to use this unique USP and make 51 part of the brand architecture; we have 51 trialists on our review panel.

The Cult51 Range

How did you get Started?

Our Founders, Richard and Michelle, set-up the brand in 2013. Richard is a cosmetic chemist and Michelle brand marketer. After years of working and developing products and brands for clients they decided to launch their own multi-tasking line, launching products packed with ingredients at a high concentrate – meaning they would live up to their claims. In July 2013 with just 200 pots of Night Cream and the help of PR, they managed to sell out before launch. They worked from home for 5 years outsourcing all the skills they needed, like PR and creative. In 2015 they launched their sister brand Instant Effects which is a more mass market brand, but again with efficacy at its heart.

At the beginning of 2019 we moved into our first office and there are now 8 of us across both brands. We are self-funded, so getting into retailers, growing the brand organically and keeping up with competitors has not been easy, however very rewarding. We will not launch a product that is not proven to fulfil its claims. 

What is your U.S.P?

Our USP is that all our products are genuinely multi-tasking and are proven to live up to the hype. We have invested heavily on independent clinical trials. We find our customers are loyal because whilst we are not ‘cheap’ our products go a long way and are effective. Consumers want products which are technologically advanced and that solve more than one complaint. As a self-funded brand we are able to react quickly & be customer centric giving a more personalised service. 

What is your Hero Product?

It has to be our Night Cream, a truly multi-tasking luxury cream with a raft of anti-ageing benefits from up to 52% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 28 days, helps to prevent hyperpigmentation, protects against photo ageing, reduces dark circles. Night Cream is thick and luxurious with our signature gardenia scent. CULT51 is an anti-ageing brand and therefore it is ideally suited to women and men 30 and over. A 50ml pot of Night Cream should last 12 weeks. Whilst Night Cream is an anti-ageing face cream, I also use as a luxurious body cream to utilise the hydrating benefits. 

‘This magic face cream has amassed a huge following and we can see why’

Glamour magazine. 

The Award Winning Night Cream

51 Claims of a Night Cream

  1. Long term lasting results
  2. Reduces the level of skin pollutants
  3. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Helps prevent hyperpigmentation
  5. Protects against oxidative stress and premature ageing
  6. Dramatically reduces levels of damaging free radicals
  7. Up to 52% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles after 28 days
  8. Increases cellular energy by up to 40%
  9. Increases skin cell elasticity
  10. Reduces dark circles
  11. Dramatically brightens
  12. Prevents deterioration of the elastin fibres
  13. Encourages the skin to produce natural Hyaluronic Acid
  14. Significantly reduces past skin blemishes caused by pimples
  15. Protects gains photo-ageing
  16. Promotes the skin’s own production of Collagen
  17. Reduces the appearance of age spots
  18. Generates younger skin cells
  19. Reduces UV induced cell destruction
  20. Increases skin oxygen uptake by 45%
  21. Increases new skin cell production by up to 25%
  22. Protects the antioxidant cell pool
  23. Helps to inhibit the production of melanin
  24. Increases elasticity and suppleness
  25. Powerful antioxidant
  26. Helps to maintain the perfect level of moisturisation and hydration
  27. Skin complexion becomes more luminous and radiant
  28. Protects against harmful environmental damage
  29. Instantly tightens with immediate effect
  30. Increases skin softness
  31. Evens skin tone
  32. Invigorates, revitalises and energises the complexion
  33. Boosts the skins energy to that of younger skin
  34. Instantly lifts and firms the skin tissue
  35. Evens skin tone
  36. Increases skin smoothness
  37. Calms irritated skin
  38. Prevents inflammation
  39. Promotes the skins natural healing process
  40. Significantly younger, healthier appearance
  41. Anti-inflammatory
  42. Unique moisture system adapts to your environment, helping skin withstand the changing season and climate
  43. Soothes and nourishes
  44. Reduces and diffuses red blotches
  45. Anti-Rosacea
  46. Protects against genetic ageing
  47. Dramatically slows the ageing process
  48. Increases ATP levels by up to 65%. ATP is the fuel for life and energy within skin cells
  49. Skin tone lightening
  50. Combats dry and sensitive skin
  51. Reduces eye puffiness

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