We’ve ordered our decorations for the Bath & Unwind offices, booked in our Christmas party and we’ve even replaced our weekly cookie order with mince pies. The one thing we’re missing though is party ready skin, so we’ve asked Studio 10 to help us out (and show us how we can cheat our way to radiance!). Read on to discover their top tips for flawless makeup…


2. Take your eyes from day to night in minutes with a fuss-free smoky eye. Apply our soft creamy eyeliner to upper lash line, blend and smudge out into the outer corner in a triangle shape. Pat a shimmering bronze shadow over it for suits-all sophistication.


4. To the signs of a late night, a nude, not white, eye pencil is best. Run along the inner eye for an instantly wide awake appearance.

5. Suffering with reddened skin as a result of the weather? Skip blusher and instead contour with a matte, natural brown tone to put more depth back into the skin.

7. DON’T be tempted to cake foundation everywhere if your skin is less-than-perfect. Use a light base and apply camouflage products where you need them only for the most natural look!

8. If you need extra colour, a peachy tinted blush with a hint of shimmer is more flattering then pink. Add to the apples of the cheeks for a natural, youthful flush.

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