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Margaret Dabbs needs no introduction. We all know her brand is the absolute go to for our every hand and foot need.  With this in mind, we decided to find out why she was so inspired to create what is now globally recognised as a brand that provides effective, long lasting anti-ageing for both hands and feet and why, given this, she was so happy to work with us here at Bath & Unwind.


Why are you pleased to be a part of Bath & Unwind?

Margaret was keen to partner her brand Margaret Dabbs London with top operators in the beauty sector and was therefore drawn to Bath & Unwind as a premier retailer of beauty products on the web. Bath & Unwind are looking for unique and effective beauty products from around the world which are luxurious and yet completely effective. The Margaret Dabbs London product range achieves this by fusing together the best of medical with the best of beauty to produce a unique range of effective, luxurious products for hands and feet. We at Margaret Dabbs London believe that there is nothing better on the market.

Could you tell us a little bit about Margaret?


Margaret Dabbs is passionate about hands and feet. She is the celebrated podiatrist and foot expert who founded her first foot clinic in London in 1998 in private consulting rooms in the Harley Street area of Central London. She decided to create the Margaret Dabbs London brand by opening foot clinics and nails spas across the UK and internationally, introducing teams of both qualified podiatrists and professional beauticians to perform her unique treatments, including the now world renowned Medical Pedicure. She also crafted her own line of award-winning products for use in her clinics and for sale to the general public. These were designed to bridge a gap she saw in the market for the provision of expert, credible, results driven foot and hand treatments and products

What makes this brand different?

Margaret thought that beauty products for the feet did not work on a treatment level and that the treatment remedies which were available were often unpleasant to use and frankly did not work. She sourced ingredients from around the world and formulated products to meet the demands and needs of her patients whilst ensuring that the scent, look and feel of these products was unlike anything that had been produced previously, products that were beautifying, anti-ageing and luxurious but also exceptionally effective on a treatment level.

What are your most-loved products?

Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion


Easily absorbed, leaving feet feeling silky, illuminated and light with the signature ingredient of Emu Oil and the scent of lemon myrtle.

Foot Hygiene Cream


Helps to relieve symptoms of sore, dry, blistered skin and discoloured nails. It’s a perfect hygiene measure for sports and sweat prone feet. Rich in Emu Oil to promote skin renewal and pure Tea Tree Oil, for its natural anti fungal and antibacterial qualities, it’s perfect for daily use to keep feet looking fit, protected and healthy.

Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum

Winner of the 2016 CEW Award for Best Hand, Foot or Nail Care Product


Expertly formulated for its anti-ageing benefits with antioxidants. Fast absorbing and light, this serum dramatically improves the appearance of your hands and reduces wrinkles, age spots and creates a more even skin tone. Gently scented with geranium and mandarin, and enriched with Lupinus Albus Seed Extract to improve skin elasticity and firmness it leaves hands visibly silky, smooth and replenished.

Intensive Treatment Foot Oil


A unique dry oil, which instantly treats and transforms very dehydrated, cracked, broken skin and nails giving long lasting nourishment and moisture, with results that are instantly visible.


Can you share your key ingredient with us?

Our key super ingredient is the Australian Emu Oil. Renowned for its incredible healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, Emu Oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Emu Oil is a completely natural, hydrating by-product and an important essential oil, a by-product which offers a multitude of qualities to help repair the skin of the feet, to make them feel soft, silky-smooth and rejuvenated. Classed as a pharmaceutical product in Australia, the oil is:

  • Rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 and accepted by the skin as a natural fatty acid
  • Naturally high in antioxidant rich Vitamin E and skin repairing Vitamin A
  • Naturally high in Linoleic acid to ease muscle aches and joint pain
  • Rich in Oelic acid, a proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent
  • A natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
  • Non-pore clogging, making it a superb emollient
  • Highly penetrating, non-greasy, absorbs without leaving a greasy feel
  • Hypoallergenic, not known to cause skin irritation or have any side effect

The Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Hand range also contains the finest ingredients and botanical extracts including White Water Lilly, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Wild Rose, Comfrey and Sunflower Shoot Extract, to create results-driven formulations that are a pleasure to use.

Whose been talking about Margaret Dabbs?

“The Professional Foot File is the best file I’ve tried, it smoothes and restores a baby-soft finish to even the most gnarled feet.” Sunday Express 2015

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil feels light, smells lemony and to my amazement shortly after I have massage it around my heels, it sinks straight into the dry skin. I have started using it every night. My feet love it.” Alice Hart Davies, Beauty Expert – Daily Mail 2015

Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream, a product that will change your life!” Sarah Barclay, YOU Magazine August 2016



Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, Anti-Ageing award winner 2015


Professional Foot File, Tatler Beauty Awards


Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum CEW Beauty Awards Winner 2016- Best Hand Lotion

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