Feeling knackered, grumpy, even a little bit lazy? We try not to here at Bath & Unwind but sometimes you just can’t help it. Luckily there is a brand who helps us to embrace those feelings we never like to admit to and has created honest, natural bath and beauty products to embrace our changing moods. We’ve delved into the world of Cowshed, to find out what’s really behind their boldly (but truthfully) named ranges.

Luxurious spa beginnings


Soho House was founded by Nick Jones in 1995 as a private member’s club for those in the film, media and creative industries. The company has gradually and carefully expanded globally to include 17 houses, 26 restaurants, hotels, cinemas and spas. In 1998, Nick Jones purchased Babington House; an 18 acre country estate in Somerset offering luxury accommodation, exquisite food and breathtaking views of the English countryside. Cowshed opened its first spa in the old Cowshed at Babington House over 18 years ago with products created to fit the unique Soho House personality for the enjoyment of their spa and House guests.

What makes Cowshed so special?


All of our bath and beauty products are made in England with ingredients that are fairly-traded using only the purest essential oils. We encourage you to choose your favourite range depending on what mood you’re in as our unique essential oil blends have been expertly created to boost your mind, spirit and well-being. Don’t let our playful names fool you though; our hard-working formulations offer real, noticeable benefits for the skin, hair and body. By matching the right blend to the right product – or the right moment – you can enjoy a truly holistic experience from top to toe, inside and out.

If you could pick one product, what would it be?

Whenever we’re feeling completely burnt-out, we find that the calming lavender and uplifting eucalyptus in our Knackered Cow Mood helps us to relax and unwind. We find it works best if you’ve had a long, hard day; take Knackered into the shower with you and it washes all your cares away. The blend of pure essential oils will soothe tired muscles while gently cleansing your skin and the therapeutic fragrance of lavender and eucalyptus will calm and relax you, putting you in the best frame of mind for a refreshing night’s sleep.

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