Discover Nuxe Aquabella

Here at Bath & Unwind we were lucky enough to talk to Nuxe founder, Aliza Jabes, about the brand, where it all began and the launch of their exciting new Aquabella range and here is what they had to say: “Nuxe is really my story. An aspiration, a fundamental need that I nurtured and followed. Developing NUXE was about trusting myself, trusting in what I … Continue reading Discover Nuxe Aquabella

We love… June

We’ll be bringing you a roundup of the very best new products hitting Bath & Unwind each month and June is packed full of perfect holiday picks, plus the top new skincare launches to help you achieve your best summer skin yet. Gym bag hero Ole Henriksen’s rainbow range of face cloths has been a fixture in our office gym kits and look set to be a summer festival … Continue reading We love… June

How To Detox With Style

The New Year always has a habit of sneaking up on you, causing you to exclaim, “Where did the year go?!” Despite the surprise, we all welcome a new year with optimism and excitement… however, these feelings can be slightly dulled if you’ve hit the festive season a touch too hard. New year is the time to launch yourself into a cleansed new lifestyle that … Continue reading How To Detox With Style

The science of Nuxellence

This year so far seems to be the year for scientific research based beauty discoveries. I keep coming across new products with a wealth of complex information behind how they work. I don’t really need to know the science; I’m mostly interested in whether or not they work as well as they claim, but I can’t help but find the science fascinating. So, for all … Continue reading The science of Nuxellence

Best products for sensitive skin

“I can’t because I have sensitive skin” There are so many times I have heard and used this phrase throughout my life. The latest glittery bubble bath my friends were using, the must-have fake tan that girls swore by, those amazing face washes for teenage spots – I could use none of them, as it would effect my sensitive, eczema-prone skin VERY badly. Endless trips … Continue reading Best products for sensitive skin

Confessions of a product hoarder

My name is Laura and I’m a product hoarder. As you can see, a small (okay maybe quite a large) chunk of my wages go on skin and haircare goodies every month. From perfume to body lotion, cleanser to moisturiser, foundation to nail polish, you can be sure I have (at least) three of each to choose from! But which ones will I be buying again? Below, … Continue reading Confessions of a product hoarder

Products, so many products

Jemma Kidd recently ran a promotion on beauty lovers’ dressing tables, and which one was the most organised. I entered, despite the fact that I have a load of different products arranged in a crazy mess all over my bedroom. Needless to say, I didn’t win! I decided to have a closer look at the ‘must have products’ on my dressing table and let you know why I use … Continue reading Products, so many products

Why You Should Use Micellar Water Every Night

To all who are true cleansing devotees, Micellar Water should be on your radar. If cleansing with a cotton pad and a cream or water-based cleaner has never appealed to you, this cleansing product should be more suited to your needs. You should use Micellar Water every night to effectively remove make-up and daily grime, but first you should probably understand why this is a fantastically … Continue reading Why You Should Use Micellar Water Every Night

Why is hair oil so popular?

Never has there been a beauty ‘secret’ that has been around for so long. Passed on through word of mouth over centuries, women worldwide have been using hair oil to battle an array of problems. Whether you suffer from dandruff, dry or brittle hair, or just want to promote growth, oils are the way forward for all hair types. Oil can sound off-putting, but it won’t make … Continue reading Why is hair oil so popular?

How to survive the dreaded common cold (sort of) glamorously

Prevention is the best defence! No-one wants to be at home for days on end watching Jeremy Kyle and sipping Lemsip, so make sure your immune system is on red alert and ready for battle! A bare minimum of 5 different fruit and vegetables a day is a must; however if you often struggle with this, a multivitamin focusing on immune support such as Perricone … Continue reading How to survive the dreaded common cold (sort of) glamorously

Summer style up to 40% off

Yes it’s that time of year again – our Summer Sale has now launched, saving you up to 40% on beauty! With selected products from best selling brands like Caudalie, Decleor, Lubatti, Paul Mitchell and MoroccanOil in the mix, you’ll find it hard not to get tempted. Here’s what i’ll be snapping up for my holiday loot! Best for body Xen-Tan Transform Gradual Tanner – If … Continue reading Summer style up to 40% off