Why you should be body brushing every morning

Natural Sea Sponge Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush

The internet is rife with myths and hearsay of what beauty trends you should be implementing into your daily routine. It can really create a confusing and intimidating ‘To Do’ list for those who don’t know exactly why certain regimes have come recommended, but if there’s one simple, yet effective, routine you should make a priority in your mornings, then it has to be body brushing.

You may have heard about the importance of body brushing, but without knowing the incredible benefits it can have for your skin both inside and out, it can just turn into another regime that is easy to neglect. Firstly, you must bear in mind that your skin is your largest organ and it requires some TLC to keep it looking great. You may have the lotions and potions to keep it looking (and feeling) tip top, but this simple procedure can help prepare your skin for the application of your skincare products and retain a daily natural glow. However, body brushing provides more than just a thorough exfoliation.

Why You Should Be Body Brushing:

Brushing your body with a firm brush makes for a brilliant wake-up call for your skin in the morning, as it helps boost your blood circulation and eliminate toxins. A quick brush can achieve this as the methodical process with pressure can help break down toxic materials that build-up in fat cells. These pesky toxins are what causes cellulite so using a brush is the ultimate helping hand in reducing any problem areas!

This may sound like a process that every woman should be taking advantage of, and we fully agree. However, you cannot expect to magically erase your cellulite by sporadically brushing your skin whenever you remember. It’s paramount that you make it an everyday affair, and it certainly helps if you have some beautiful tools to make it a luxurious experience in those bleary mornings.

What To Use:

The brush should be firm enough for you to feel the pressure upon your skin, but don’t go for rough or scratchy brushes. You need something that helps you rejuvenate your skin, not leave it feeling sore and raw! If you fancy trying sisal fibres to help exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells, try the compact Natural Sea Sponge Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush as it will also help stimulate your muscles, or try the natural cactus sisal bristles of Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush to improve your skin tone and texture.

How to Brush your Body:

You should be body brushing every morning or evening prior to showering, and begin at your feet brushing upwards. Brush towards your heart using long smooth strokes as this will stimulate your lymphatic system and keep it releasing the toxins that could make you sick. Feel free to increase the force until you find a pressure that is comfortable, yet invigorating. If the sensation is quite alien or you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you try body brushing in the bath or shower for a gentler experience. However remember, it is ‘brushing’ not ‘scrubbing’ – if you find it to be painful then you must ease the pressure!

Be sure to concentrate on problem areas if you wish to reduce any cellulite or pay special attention to any dry patches, such as, elbows and knees. Do it regularly until it is second nature and you’ll soon bid farewell to sluggish circulation and dry skin, not to mention you’ll be on your way to improving the appearance of  cellulite. If you’re not sure why you should be body brushing by now, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a quality body brush and give it a go.

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  1. Love this, Anna! Body brushing is one of those beauty secrets that is relatively easy to do, cheap (cost of a body brush) and makes such an impact if done correctly and regularly.

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