We got a chance to sit down and talk all things beauty with the founder of cult age perfecting beauty range, Studio 10.


Tell us about yourself and your business?

Studio 10 is my passion. I’d reached a point in my life where I was looking for a makeup range designed for women as they age. I needed more than products with just added anti-ageing ingredients, but that specifically correct, cover and combat the signs of ageing.

What inspired you to start?

I’d been working in the beauty industry for over a decade and I had become increasingly frustrated with the approach of the cosmetic industry to the makeup needs of older women. I felt that cosmetics weren’t changing with women’s skin, or tackling the issues that older women face and that we needed a new generation of tailor-made products. I wanted a range that did a ‘job of work’ for me!


“It’s a fabulous range” – Anthea Turner.

What do you feel separates Studio 10 from other cosmetic ranges?

When I did my research, I found that whilst skincare is incredibly advanced and well researched, but makeup is often just an altered version of the same products also marketed to millennials.

How women feel about makeup changes as we mature. Formulations, textures, finish and even shades – everything is very different to products the same woman might have enjoyed 10 years previously.

Instead of lots of colour products, we are entirely solutions led, based on what our research told us were the key issues facing women in their thirties and beyond. Signs of ageing, tiredness, lack of confidence – we address all of those with each product in the range.

Name your three key ‘standout’ pieces from the range?

It’s so tough – we’ve worked so hard to ensure that every single piece has huge benefits, but if I could only choose three heroes, I’d go with:


Age Defy Skin Perfector: One of the ‘key’ products in the range, this is an all-in-one, quick-fix perfecting palette for covering imperfections, problem areas and the signs of ageing. I created it with everything a woman needs to solve skincare concerns we all face as we get older, without being intimidating in any way.

Miracle Effect Priming Serum: Revolutionary clinically tested skincare reduces wrinkles by up to 16% in 15 minutes while delivering visible anti-ageing long-term results in just two weeks.  I always say when it comes to skincare, demand proof, not promises and our serum absolutely proves this mantra.


Age Reverse Perfecting Lip-liner:  This is my absolute must-have.  Lips lose volume and definition as we age, but our liner, with a ‘suits-all’ lip liner at one end, and a lip defining nude at the other is the answer.  It’s so easy to use and blends perfectly with any colour.


What are your ultimate summer beauty tips

Use a primer! Heat, humidity and long days conspire to cause rapid make-up melt, so a great primer that takes care of skin provides a barrier to those environmental forces. This is especially true if you use creamy ‘emulsion’ based products, like foundation and blush, which won’t stay on the skin without a great base to adhere to.

If you love a tan, swipe a non-glittery bronzing powder, like our Bronzing Veil from one to cheek to the other, across the bridge of the nose. This is called ‘sun-stripping’ and it’s the quickest way to fake natural looking colour without damaging the skin.

I also love using highlighters, like our Plumping Glow-plexion over areas like the collar bone and shin for top-to-toe radiance.

Finally, look for a pretty blusher in a peach tone, not pink, which is more flattering to all skin tones and gives a more natural glow. Crème formulations like our plumping blush are best as they won’t sit in fine lines and wrinkles.

You can take a look at the full Studio 10 range here.

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