You recycle empty packaging in your kitchen as second nature, but why not beauty packaging? A lot of your empty skincare and make-up containers might not be 100% recyclable yet – so we’ve come up with 6 ways you can re-use your empty containers!

Bits and Bobs Storage

Does anyone else find themselves with ‘bits and bobs’ here there and everywhere?! Now is the time to find them a home! And what better place than your empty moisturiser pot.


At Bath & Unwind HQ, we’re suckers for beautiful packaging – which so many of our products come in these days. This makes it much easier when upcycling our empty skincare containers into candles. Whether your feeling crafty and want to make your own candle, or if you just feel like popping a tea light in and getting cosy, this is the perfect way to reuse and enjoy your empty beauty containers.

Jewellery Storage

Do you take your rings / earrings off at night and leave them on your bedside table / dressing table ready for the next day? An empty skincare pot is the perfect way to keep them all together!

And don’t get us started on the elusive hair grips that seem to go into the vortex! To avoid forever buying new packs of grips (another thing we can do to shop more sustainably) use your old beauty containers to store those bobby pins.

Art Supplies

Getting arty – whether it’s you, or the kids – doesn’t have to mean ruining a perfectly good coffee mug to mix colours, try an empty jar of moisturiser!

Or using an empty shower gel bottle is the perfect place to keep an unravelled ball of string – no more getting tangled!

A Mini Vase

An empty shower gel bottle could just be the perfect little homemade vase. Try putting lavender from the garden in there and pop it on your bathroom shelf – not only will it smell amazing, but it will look gorgeous too.

Reed Diffuser

When face mist bottles looks as good as the Omorovicza bottles it would be a crying shame to get rid of them! You can put your favourite oils and scents in the bottle and buy replacement diffuser sticks (just Google replacement reed diffuser sticks).

This goes for your old perfume bottles too – we think a custom made Tom Ford diffuser would look amazing on your dressing table!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on ways you can be more conscious of, and reduce waste when it comes to beauty products. And if you haven’t already, have a read of our post on how to shop sustainable beauty here.

We’d love to see your ideas on beauty upcycling! Send us a message or post your pictures and tag us on Instagram!

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