How to be environmentally conscious when shopping at Bath & Unwind

When we choose which brands to launch at Bath & Unwind, we’re always on the lookout for brands with a story, especially when their stories involve looking after our planet. Whether that be from the ingredients they source, or the packaging they use, if they try to be as kind to the skin and our environment as possible, they’re a winner in our eyes!

If like us you want to do your part in living more eco-friendly, but you still love consuming beauty products, we’ve compiled a list of brands, products and tips which all tick the sustainable box.

Using products which are organic, natural, vegan or cruelty free is an easy way to ensure you’re becoming an eco-friendly consumer. Organic beauty is free from harmful chemicals, making them safer for the environment and the workers that help produce the products….but that doesn’t mean they’re any less luxurious.

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you to shop more sustainably – look out for our icons on your favourite products to remind you how you can be more environmentally conscious …

  • Ensure you responsibly dispose of your packaging
  • Upcycle your empty containers if recycling is not an option
  • Make sure you are home for your delivery, re-deliveries increase the impact on the environment
  • Learn about brands you are buying from and understand their environmental policies and plans
  • Consider ingredients, production and sourcing of the products you purchase.

Dr.Hauschka are a great example of a pioneering brand which produces 100% green electricity, use sustainable construction methods when sourcing their ingredients, and use biodynamic farming to create their extensive range.

Described as “a company that resembles a flourishing garden’, they are your go to, eco-friendly brand.

REN Clean Skincare are also leading the way in calling time on plastic pollution. They’ve teamed up with recycling innovator TerraCyle, to produce 100% recycled bottles using 20% ocean plastic. The ocean plastic they use is collected by charities and organisations from oceans, beaches, rivers and lakes. They’ve also started to develop metal-free pumps, in a bid to make the brand a zero waste company by 2021. Here’s to hoping our other favourite brands follow suit!

Try the REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-fatigue Body Wash, a magnesium rich body wash to revive and re-balance the skin.

An easy way to make yourself more environmentally conscious is reducing your carbon footprint, and yes you can even do this when purchasing beauty products. Here at Bath & Unwind we try our best to only use 100% recyclable packaging, so if your order arrives with brown paper instead of bubble wrap, know we’re just trying to do our best for the environment. If we’ve chosen to use bubble wrap for delicate items, remember you can re-use bubble wrap again and again.

Tips for shopping eco on Bath & Unwind:

  • Look for the leaping bunny tag – cruelty free-products are kinder to the environment
  • Find alternative brands in our Natural categories
  • Opt for glass packaging which can be re-used
  • Think about your carbon footprint when selecting delivery services
  • Try and recycle all our packaging

Tips on upcycling & reducing your carbon footprint:

  • Use bubble wrap to protect plants from the cold
  • Rinse candle glasses and jars out to use as plant pots, or makeup brushes
  • Swap cleansing wipes for re-usable cleansing cloths & mitts
  • Turn the tap off when you’re cleansing or brushing your teeth

Our top eco-friendly brands & products:

If you have any innovative tips on how to be more environmentally conscious, we’d love you to share these on our product reviews.

Keep your eyes peeled for more environmental tips on our blog and social media!

Happy eco-shopping!

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