Why is hair oil so popular?

Never has there been a beauty ‘secret’ that has been around for so long. Passed on through word of mouth over centuries, women worldwide have been using hair oil to battle an array of problems. Whether you suffer from dandruff, dry or brittle hair, or just want to promote growth, oils are the way forward for all hair types. Oil can sound off-putting, but it won’t make your hair look greasy, just healthy and full of shine. Use sparingly and massage into the tips of your hair. You will be delighted with the results!

What you said about three of the favourites…

Nuxe MoroccanOil and Macadamia Oil


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil – from £17.00 or 1,700 reward points.

“Smells delightful, while at the same time nourishing my skin and hair. Particularly love using it on my hair, it gives a good shine.” GK Bhogal, from Leeds.

MorrocanOil Light – £30.45 or 3,045 reward points.

“Amazing product! I do not leave the house without smearing it on my hair every morning! I will be ordering more!” Lucy, from Sintra.

Macadamia Oil Healing Oil Treatment – from £5.75 or 575 reward points.

“I love this oil on my hair. It leaves it soft and manageable.” An anonymous delighted beauty lover.

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