This year so far seems to be the year for scientific research based beauty discoveries. I keep coming across new products with a wealth of complex information behind how they work. I don’t really need to know the science; I’m mostly interested in whether or not they work as well as they claim, but I can’t help but find the science fascinating. So, for all of you who like to know a little more about how products work, read on and discover the secrets behind the latest development from Nuxe.

Each cell of the body is like a factory and needs energy to function and it is the mitochondria within the cell that produces this energy. Mitochondria have their own DNA which is not protected and is very vulnerable to free radicals, UV light, pollution and stress. This can alter the DNA of the mitochondria resulting in less energy for the cells so their functions slow down. If your skin cells have less energy they produce less keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts and this shows on your skin as a loss of radiance, and sagging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

Your cells also have receptors at their surface, but their numbers are reduced with a lack of energy so the cell becomes less receptive to active ingredients in any skin treatments you may be using.

Nuxellence works to prevent damage to mitochondrial DNA, giving your skin cells renewed energy and giving you more radiant skin. Your skin also become more receptive to treatments, doubling the effect of your anti-ageing moisturisers and serums.

You can use Nuxellence on its own or with your favourite moisturiser for added benefits. You will get at least 4 months use out of one bottle as you need just one pump for your face and neck. Apply morning and/or evening and enjoy the benefits of a natural product, developed in line with the latest research.

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