• Prevention is the best defence!

No-one wants to be at home for days on end watching Jeremy Kyle and sipping Lemsip, so make sure your immune system is on red alert and ready for battle! A bare minimum of 5 different fruit and vegetables a day is a must; however if you often struggle with this, a multivitamin focusing on immune support such as Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Dietary Supplement would be a good backup plan.  Also avoid a high sugar diet as not only does research suggest this can reduce your defence by up to 50%, but also feeds any nasty bacteria you may be harbouring, therefore putting further strain on your immune system.

  • Avoid additional stress (easier said than done, we know…)

Not only does stress weaken our defences, but we are also less likely to take care of ourselves when under pressure – not eating properly, sleeping poorly and running around like a headless chicken will only add to the stress you’re under and make you feel unwell. So slow down, take a breather and remember: You are only one person. If you fall ill, you will definitely be a lot less productive so it pays to slow down sometimes.

  • Uh-oh, you’ve already fallen victim! *sniff*

If all this advice so far is too late, we’re sorry! But having suffered all of last week with a stubborn cold, here’s what helped me through:  Hot showers with Aromatherapy Associates Support – Breathe Bath & Shower Oil which is seriously good stuff because not only did it make my skin feel gorgeous and smell divine, but the extracts of eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree somehow managed to break through my heavily congested sinuses and offer some relaxation.

Dr Hauschka Sage Pastilles are also good if you’ve good a sore throat as the many essential oils melt in the mouth to soothe a dry cough, however avoid if you have an actual throat infection as the raw cane sugar contained may feed the bacteria and actually make matters worse.

If you’re having problems sleeping due to a stuffy nose or cough, Badger Balm Aromatic Chest Rub can be used both as a soothing, warming chest rub and also dissolved in hot water to use as an inhalant to loosen mucus and ease congestion to help you sleep with ease. As with all Badger products, it is 100% natural and in this case also certified organic and fine for use on children as well.

  • Feeling better? It’s time to get your glow back!

So as if things weren’t bad enough, but upon recovery you are often left looking drained but don’t worry: we’ll have you back looking fab in no time!  I swear by Trilogy Everything Balm for preventing and healing any chapped skin and it got rid of my red flaky nose and cracked lips in less than 72 hours.  I also recommend using a hydrating, water-based emulsion such as Nuxe Créme Fraiche Emulsion, rather than a heavier moisturising cream on your face, to avoid pimples and rashes (which always seem to appear when I’m ill) whilst keeping your skin smooth and healthy.

And whilst you’re pottering about at home, you could also treat yourself to a nourishing hair mask (Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is a favourite) or home facial, however perhaps avoid manicures – a sneeze halfway through varnish application could spell disaster…

What are your favourite pick-me-ups and tips for defeating a cold? We’d love to hear your suggestions so please do leave a comment below…

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