Living in the UK means that when the sun comes out for more than about 5 minutes. We grab our shorts, chuck on a pair of sunglasses and head for the nearest patch of ground that we can enjoy the warming rays that have not been seen for months. However…………if you are anything like us, winter has left us with unwanted body hair, allowed to grow uncontrollably during these colder months, we are in serious need of a full body exfoliation and some serious self tan to make us look less ill! For most of us winter is a happy place, covering up all those bumps and lumps under a baggy jumper, no need to be afraid – we have you covered!

Ready, Set, Exfoliate…

After months and months of being in winter clothes, a heatwave pops out of nowhere. The first step to any kind of body prep is good exfoliation. Exfoliation is the first thing to combat as this will remove dead skin cells, ingrown hairs and instantly make your skin look and feel smoother. Hands up for a glowing, smooth and healthy looking body!

#1 Ren Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub

Ren Atlantic Exfoliating Scrub, is the perfect product to use when preparing for your summer body. This scrub is scented with blends of essential oils that will uplift the senses to calm the body and mind. Increased cell turnover for a more refreshed, smooth and radiant glow.

  • Skin feels silky
  • Healthy glow is revived
  • Skin is nourished
  • Great for psoriasis

‘Great for my psoriasis skin! I love this product – I have been dealing with psoriasis for over a decade, and after using the scrub (especially when you use it with a bath afterwards), my skin is much less itchy / less red / less flakey.’

‘Beautiful product, really left my skin smooth and such a delicious smell.’
5 star rating ★★★★★

#2 Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush 

The Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush is another way of exfoliating your skin. This body brush has an intensive toning experience, that encourages the renewal of healthy cells by sweeping the dead skin cells away. This can be used when showering using a shower gel or just water. You can also use this body brush dry. This is known as ‘dry brushing’. By dry brushing your skin, you will improve the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and unclog your pores during the exfoliation process. Work over your entire body for maximum effect.

  • Continuous use (do not have to re-purchase)
  • Natural wood
  • Agave Cactus Bristles
  • Great to use wet or dry.

AMAZING! I adore this product!

A 5 star review ★★★★★

Fantastic body brush, when I remember to use it. Great quality, firm enough to have an effect on both the skin, circulation and any ingrown hairs but gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I try to use this at least once a week before hopping in the shower, but the only failing is my memory!

#3 Guam Fanghi d’Algae Dren Drainage Mud

Guam Drainage Mud is perfect to use for preparing your body for the summer. Guam Drainage Mud, is combined with Sea Salt, Green Tea and Clay, to help remove the buildup of toxins and water in the tissues, to give of the slimming effect. This unique formula has increased circulation and also re-mineralises the skin leaving it smooth.

  • This product needs to be left on for 45 mins, and then wrapped in clingfilm.
  • For legs and bums
  • Reduces dimpling caused by swelling and water tension.

Brilliant product! I used this product in connection with the Guam Cellulite Cool Mud on alternate days for about 5 days and then every two / three days until I finished the products and the change is remarkable. Drink a lot of water and do some exercise after removing the Mud and you’ll truly see the difference. Will purchase more.

This product is amazing. Not only does what it says, but also transform your general well-being on the next level. You can see a massive improvement with your skin texture after the first use. I will definitely buy it again and I recommend it 100%.

Get that Glow!

#4 Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glotion for Body

A lightweight self-tanning body moisturiser that helps to reveal a subtle, streak-free radiance whilst firming and toning the skin. This captures a warm candlelight glow to your skin, leaving a subtle natural finish.

Directions For Use

Smooth evenly over clean, dry skin on the entire body morning and evening; wash hands after application. Help prevent razor bumps with gentle exfoliants like glycolic and lactic acid, which remove the top layer of dead skin cells that can trap hair below the surface.

  • Great natural colour
  • Anti-Aging
  • Moisturising
  • Ideal for use in the morning and evening, and takes approximately 1-3 hours to develop.
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glotion for Body

I use it twice a week. I really love this self-tanner, and I have tried a LOT of them!!! This one creates a natural glow, and it has the least “self-tanner smell” I have experienced. To me, that is saying a lot as it is the smell of my skin interacting with the self tanner that makes me want to toss self-tanners out. I have been using this one for two years, which is saying a lot! 

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