How To Detox With Style

The New Year always has a habit of sneaking up on you, causing you to exclaim, “Where did the year go?!” Despite the surprise, we all welcome a new year with optimism and excitement… however, these feelings can be slightly dulled if you’ve hit the festive season a touch too hard. New year is the time to launch yourself into a cleansed new lifestyle that … Continue reading How To Detox With Style

Getting bikini ready!

When I heard about the product swap at work, I was very excited about trying a new product that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. When my buyer, the lovely Olivia, asked for some ideas, I requested something that would help me get ‘bikini ready’ for my upcoming holiday to Marbella, so she selected Guam Seaweed Cellulite Mud for me to try. This product, along with the whole Guam range, has … Continue reading Getting bikini ready!

Getting to know Bath & Unwind – my favourite products so far

As the newest member of the Bath & Unwind team, I thought I should spend my first few weeks here getting to know the products we sell, and what better way to do this than trying them out myself? It has been tough having long baths and using beautifully scented products all in the name of research! Here are some of my favourites so far: … Continue reading Getting to know Bath & Unwind – my favourite products so far

My Easter weekend treats…

The long Easter weekend has finally arrived (hurrah!), which means four days of relaxation, eating chocolate and (hopefully) a spot of sun! To make the most of my long weekend, I have stocked up on a few little beauty indulgences from here at Bath and Unwind. I have got my hands on New CID’s i-gloss Light-Up Lip Gloss in Raspberry Kiss. This lovely lip gloss has a … Continue reading My Easter weekend treats…

Skincare from the sea

Look at any news website today and you will undoubtedly see headlines about film director James Cameron’s amazing solo journey to the Mariana Trench which, at nearly 11km deep, is the deepest place in the ocean. He is only the third person to ever visit the trench and his 12 tonne, lime green submarine, Deepsea Challenger, was kitted out with special 3D cameras, allowing him … Continue reading Skincare from the sea

Exclusive Q&A with Arlette Pisani of Guam

Guam is an inspiring brand and worldwide favourite used by over one million Italian women. Sold by 90% of healthcare shops in Italy, Guam accounts for 30% of the Italian cellulite market. Their bestselling Guam Seaweed Cellulite Mud has been proven to work through clinical trials, with an average loss of 2cm in each area measured. We invited Arlette Piscani to reveal more about the … Continue reading Exclusive Q&A with Arlette Pisani of Guam