My lovely holiday seems like a long lost memory (I got back from the Algarve a week ago) and I’m already planning the next. I was extremely proud of my pre holiday prep and treated it like a military operation. Here is my run down of how to get holiday ready so that once you touch down,  you can concentrate on having a really great time rather than worrying about shaving rash or dimply thighs!

1 Month to Go

Legs, bums and tums.  Start adding extra bits of exercise into your routine. Walk everywhere when possible, take bike rides at the weekends, visit the gym once more per week or add in a class or two. Your body gets used to your level of activity very quickly so even if you think you are doing enough, trying something different! Upping the intensity a little will really make a difference. Start cutting down on alcohol and sweet items.  Invest in some free weights so you can tone those wobbly arms while you watch TV or while you are waiting for your bath to run (that’s what I do).  Try dry body brushing arms and legs (again easy to fit in whilst waiting for the bath to run or the shower to heat up). This is imperative to achieving toned, smooth, Giselle-like limbs and eliminating cellulite! Follow with deeply moisturising and toning lotion – these usually contain caffeine, essential oils or sea minerals.

My tried and tested favourites are:

  • Guam Fangocrema Cellulite Active Mud Cream (expect to look sun burnt for a few minutes afterwards – only use in the privacy of your own home!)
  • Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Hourglass Lifting and Firming Lotion. With this you feel an immediate tightening effect and it can be used for an unexpected summer dress moment for instant results.

2 Weeks to Go

Detox. For a final attack on the (now minimalised) wobbly bits, invest in a detoxing bath that will draw out toxins and impurities, reduce water retention, whilst replacing with vitamins and minerals (much like traditional Epsom Salts), I love Guam Seaweed Algae Bath Salts.

1 Week to Go

Do a full body exfoliation. Don’t forget, very importantly your bikini area, if you are doing any kind of hair removal as this will help to combat rashes and ingrown hairs that commonly and annoyingly occur after waxing.  Try the summery Korres Watermelon Body Scrub. After you have exfoliated, start to build up a subtle tan with a gradual tanner that will also moisturise at the same time. Contrary to my article on the Bath & Unwind Tan-Off, my new fave product is Decleor Gradual Glow Body Milk, I’ll never look back – sorry St Tropez! It’s important to stop using products that may contain active ingredients such as vitamin C, glycolic acid or hyaluronic acid when you’re exposed to the sun. These ingredients can make you extra sensitive to the sun and can be damaging if you don’t take extra care with sun protection.

With only 24hrs to go, trim, file and paint your toenails. Opt for a neutral shade such as Essie Nails Not Just a Pretty Face. The pink/nude shade will give the illusion of elongating your legs where coloured nail polish can cut your legs off too early. Enjoy your holidays whatever you are planning and if you have any pre holiday prep tips we would love to hear them.

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