Guam is an inspiring brand and worldwide favourite used by over one million Italian women. Sold by 90% of healthcare shops in Italy, Guam accounts for 30% of the Italian cellulite market. Their bestselling Guam Seaweed Cellulite Mud has been proven to work through clinical trials, with an average loss of 2cm in each area measured. We invited Arlette Piscani to reveal more about the secret behind their global hit Seaweed Mud Cellulite Formula.

Why do you think people should use natural ingredients/products?

Natural ingredients have a stronger effect than products containing chemicals, often producing visible results right from the first application.  This is the case with the patented Guam seaweed mud formula. Time and again consumers have seen a reduction in cellulite and inch loss after a single 45 minute treatment.  The exceptional results are down to the natural concentration of the seaweed’s minerals and nutrients in the patented Guam Seaweed Mud Cellulite formula.

In fact, seaweed feeds on all the sea’s nutrients and is 50,000 times more concentrated than water itself. The benefits of such a concentrated natural ingredient is its re-mineralising and derma-protective properties.  This means that the natural seaweed ingredient will naturally drain toxins in order to restore optimum mineral levels in the skin. It will also restore the natural hydro lipid balance of the epidermis, thereby delaying the overall ageing process of the skin. As a result, this natural seaweed ingredient in the Guam Seaweed Mud will tone, smooth and moisturise the skin as well as help to reduce cellulite and fat deposits under the skin.

Which Guam products can you not live without?

Of course, I love Guam Seaweed Mud, it’s definitely one of the products I can’t live without! I’ve been using it consistently and I’ve seen a remarkable loss in and around my thighs, a vast improvement of imperfections caused by cellulite and I can safely say that my skin is firmer and more elastic (no more sagginess). To enhance the Guam Seaweed Mud performance I love to use the Guam Dren Oil. I tend to use this oil everyday really… after a shower as well as after a mud wrap.  I find the that the active synergy of the softening and nourishing properties of the Guam Dren Oil leaves my skin feeling like velvet. At the same time the draining action of the Guam Seaweed blended with green tea reduces any puffiness caused by water retention; my legs feel so light! Definitely a must buy for busy lifestyles!

What inspires your daily work with Guam?

I love working for Guam, and it’s got to be because of the testimonials I receive.  Testimonials by happy consumers certainly spur me on to create a greater Guam awareness and an increased understanding that Guam does not just eliminate excess water in the body but that its ingredients actually go to the root cause of cellulite and restoring the skin at the subcutaneous level leaving visibly long-lasting effects. I feel confident working for a company of integrity whereby the product actually does what it claims to do. For over 25 years the patented Guam Seaweed Mud Cellulite formula has been unrivalled and is still being used by over 1 million Italian women!

Thank you Arlette!

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