Top 5 skincare products I can’t live without 2010

I’m very lucky, I rarely get breakouts, but when I do I feel like my world has ended! This is my ultimate pimple emergency product because it dries out and shrinks spots in couple of days. It is a powerful product containing a strong fruit acid called salicylic acid and is not to be abused. Overuse will dry out skin leaving it sore and flaky. If you do suffer from acne your problems could soon be over, a full blemish skincare regime is available from Murad.

It’s always a good skin day after I’ve used Liquid Gold. This wondrous product works like an overnight facial. It brightens and tightens my skin, clears up spots, heals my scars and gives me an enormous sense of ME…but on a good day!

This microdermabrasion treatment clears out my pores and gets tough on my ultimate pet hate; blackheads. I am particularly prone to these due to my penchant for fake tanning so I ‘micro’ cleanse once a week to de-clog. My skin is left zingy and glowing and ready for me to start all over again. St Tropez here I come!

Exactly what it says on the tin – Gorgeous! It’s thick but not too thick, and absorbs in so quickly. It smells amazing and sits really well under my makeup. Loved by royalty, Hollywood celebs, and the Bath & Unwind girls of course!

I was blessed with ‘baggy’ eyes and let’s face it, they are only going to get worse. This is also apparently Madonna’s ‘cant live without’ product and although I don’t agree with her choice of leotards at 50,  you can’t argue with her gravity defying face. This is also working wonders on my frown lines.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 skincare products I can’t live without 2010

  1. hi emily,
    will be trying out some of your favourite products very soon, if you ever need anyone to try products i am alwatys available i love trying out new brands am a beauty junkie lol


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