…and there’s not a chemical peel, or a Gok Wan in sight!

An extremely interesting book landed on my desk this week which has really stopped me in my tracks. The Water Secret was created by Dr. Howard Murad of the pioneering Murad Skincare brand, hailed by Elle Magazine as a “beauty genius.”

The book takes a new, unique approach to skincare and general health called “Inclusive Health.”  It’s a fairly simple concept, and it doesn’t involve obscure and painful diets. The philosophy is that every cell in our body is connected and if we can improve cellular health by keeping vital waters in our cells, we can make dramatic changes in our lives, our looks and even slow the ageing process.

The book takes a triple-pronged approach to good health:

  • Internal Care
  • Topical Care
  • Emotional Self Care

Most people believe that their healthcare concerns, whether acne, obesity or anxiety exist in isolation. However this is not the case and Dr Murad has realised that we need to look at our bodies as a whole in order to resolve specific concerns.

The really interesting bit…

Internal Care

We’ve all read about the importance of drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day but Dr Murad believes that rather than drinking our water, to really benefit from it we should be “eating our water.” His theory is that when we drink that much fluid we are spending all of our time in the bathroom flushing out many vital nutrients from our system, making healthy eating and supplements a waste of time. He says that the best source of hydration is water that is “built into the structure of the foods we eat,” in particular raw fruit and vegetables, where the water is released slowly into your system as you digest the food.

Topical Care

Dr Murad has developed ground breaking skin systems with the latest ingredient technology for optimum skin health. You really will see immediate results with these products.

Emotional Self Care

Probably the most neglected element of our overall health, Murad has identified chronic stress as a major factor in the erosion of health and happiness. This constant pressure can lead to mental health problems, sleeping difficulty and depression, with side affects such as obesity, bad skin and anxiety.  Which takes us nicely back to the beginning, when Dr Murad suggested that many people think they are just ‘unlucky’ to be suffering from one of these problems!

For a limited time you can buy The Water Secret. The Cellular Breakthrough to look and feel 10 Years Younger for half price here at Bath & Unwind. If you buy it, I’d love to hear how you get on.

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