It’s wedding season! Kate and Wills are officially kicking it off in style on the 29th April and it’s set to be a beautifully long summer of bouquets and unfortunately for some…breakouts! Wedding stress, crash diets and rising summer temperatures are arch enemies of bridal skin and will invariably cause blemishes in abundance for some unlucky few. This time last year my friend Laura had 6 weeks to go before she would be breezing down the aisle in front of 200 of her nearest and dearest to say ‘I do’ to her handsome husband- to- be, Ollie. I’d like share her story.

“This time last year my skin was a spotty mess. I was stressed at work and not really eating properly and it was really taking effect on my skin. One night at the pub I commented to my friend Emily how great her skin was looking. She told me about how she had been using Alpha H products and what a difference it had made. At first I was sceptical as I have tried so many products on my skin and none had worked. But with my wedding a couple of months away what did I have to lose? In just a few weeks I began to see a real difference in the texture of my skin and started to get fewer and fewer spots.

After telling Emily about the results, she referred me to the Fern Skin Clinic in London, where Alpha H facials are practised. When I arrived I felt immediately at home; it was a simple but stylish and peaceful space. The facial itself was divine, my skin was smoothed and scrubbed and my shoulders massaged. Part of the facial involved an extraction of my blocked pores, the squeezing was slightly painful but it was worth it for the results afterwards. My skin was glowing and my pores looked a lot smaller. I came away promising myself to keep up the good work and take my Alpha H routine seriously ready for my big day. I would highly recommend the clinic and Alpha H products, it’s certainly made a difference to me. My confidence was renewed and that feeling was priceless!“

To achieve Laura’s flawless wedding skin shop Alpha H products now. If you would like more advice on acne prone or congested skin please feel free to email me at: [email protected] and I will personally reply to your message.

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