When was the last time you thought about your fragrance and what it says about you?

Smell is perhaps one of our most important yet neglected senses – we hardly notice the information we gather from a person, object or our environment from their scent however it definitely happens and it certainly affects our judgement of that person, item or situation.

For example, scent is so important when forming memories… I personally cannot help but smile and remember days lying in the summer sun when I smell the sweet scent of my favourite sunscreen. Whose heart doesn’t flutter when they pick up a whiff of an ex’s cologne on a passer by?  Scent is also integral to our thought and feelings, and nothing is more uplifting on a warm summers day than a refreshing spritz of your favourite light, zesty fragrance.

And who would know this better than Mathilde Thomas, founder of skin care brand Caudalie and based within acres of floral grapevines in Southern France.  Mathilde has created 3 limited edition light, fresh fragrances for Caudalie, each inspired by and drawing upon the scents experienced at dawn, zenith & dusk in the vineyard.

Fleur de Vigne represents dawn and en-captures the blossoming of the grape flowers with its fruity notes of grapefruit, mandarin & cedar. Its subtle scent is refreshing yet brings an air of calm with it to prepare you for the day ahead.

Zeste de Vigne encapsulates the radiance and vitality of the midday sun, and its generous concentrations of sweet lemon, mandarin, petit grain & bergamot fragrance oils enough to snap you out of any lunchtime slump you may be experiencing and fills you with energy.

The final fragrance of Thé des Vignes depicts the sensual peacefulness of dusk with velvety soft notes of white musk, neroli and jasmine and the warmth of ginger.  This is also the most concentrated of the 3 scents, designed to entice those around you and leave a lasting impression…

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