Another week here at Bath & Unwind and another wonderful new brand to introduce to you!  This week we are very excited to bring Elemental Herbology to our customers.

I’ll start by telling you a little about who they are and then take a look at some of the fabulous summer skin products in their collection…

Elemental Herbology are a natural and effective skincare line that work in harmony with your body.  Their innovative range of skincare products address the changes that occur in your skin as a result of seasonal, lifestyle and hormonal changes.  All products are formulated to help restore equilibrium. They have three ranges, the Hydrating Essentials range which will nourish, hydrate and repair your skin, ideal for use throughout the winter.  Purifying Essentials which will cool, calm and protect your skin, ideal for use throughout the summer, and Essential Skin Therapy – SOS skincare solutions and products for regular skin maintenance throughout the year.  All products are committed to help you achieve healthy and radiant skin year round – something I know we all strive to achieve!

Beach Prep Radiance Body Polish is great to use daily before your holiday to prepare your skin for sun exposure and optimise the life of your tan.   This radiance boosting body polish combining buriti and macadamia oils will shed dry and flaky skin and restore your skin’s natural glow.  It is also great for helping with in-growing hairs in areas such as the bikini line and underarms.

Sun Kiss Body Hydrator  is a daily body hydrator which creates a golden sun-kissed complexion with its subtle levels of a botanical self tanning agent.  The ultra-nourishing skin softening oils create a beautifully hydrated, natural and healthy glow while helping to prolong the life of your tan.  Its light texture allows your skin to breathe which makes it ideal for the summer months.  It also contains aloe vera which cools and soothes the skin, making it ideal to use as an after-sun.  For best results use in conjunction with the Beach Prep Radiance Body Polish.

Oil Free Facial Hydrator SPF 12 is ideal for skin that has been overexposed to the sun or congested skin that requires balancing and rejuvenation.  Contains aloe vera to cool and soothe the skin and harmonising botanicals, amino acids and cell-boosting anti-oxidants to help purify the pores while repairing and rejuvenating the skin to impart a healthy and radiant complexion.  Fantastic to use as your daily moisturiser throughout the summer months, it also contains an SPF 12.

All products featured are part of the Elemental Herbology Purifying Essentials Range.

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