Ring finger manicure: spice up your nails!

Looking for ideas to make your manicure stand out? Why not try the latest trend sweeping celeb land: the Ring Finger Manicure! So simple to do yourself at home, you just need to paint your ring finger a different colour to the rest of your nails.  You can choose colours that complement each other or go for colours that clash, or choose your favourite colours, it’s up to you – experiment as much as you like!

Leighton Denny recently gave his celebrity client Geri Halliwelll a Ring Finger Manicure using Supermodel and In The Navy (unfortunately we do not have In The Navy at present but Ink Jet is very similar and will create the same look). Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try Do Me a Favour and Inside Scoop from the Gelato Collection.  There are so many combinations to try, have fun experimenting with them all!

I gave myself my own Ring Finger Manicure this week using my favourite pink and orange colours from my polish collection.  I love these colours together and it’s a great summer combination.


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