Most of you may be aware that we recently launched Rodial here at Bath & Unwind and this week I wanted to share with you some of our hero products within the range. Whatever your body hangup or skincare concern is, Rodial can offer a solution to fit your needs. From stretch marks to cellulite, wrinkles to age spots, simply identify what your problem is and let us help.


Grow old gracefully, some say. Others may disagree. Any woman who claims to be happy to live with the wrinkles, sagging skin and frown lines might surely disagree if they knew there was a product range they could be using instead of considering going under the knife. Why spend thousands of pounds and go through all that when you can use a product that will give you similar results?

What is this miracle product I hear you ask? Well, it’s none other than Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum. The anti-ageing serum helps relax expression lines with a unique combination of snake venom-like peptides and oxygen. The revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains syn-ake; a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the temple viper’s potent venom, to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles. I would use this over having needles stuck in my face any day.

Bingo Wings

I couldn’t talk about Rodial products without mentioning this little beauty. I’m pretty sure most women out that there have heard the expression ‘bingo wings’, and maybe some of you even feel you have them. If you do then we have the perfect product for you, Rodial’s Arm Sculpt. This is a revolutionary formula to moisturise skin in the upper arm area, containing multi fruit acids, caffeine and coenzyme. Great for solving one of the biggest problem areas of a woman’s body.


The dreaded cellulite, where do I start? For one, if you have it (and I’m pretty sure most of us do) you are not alone. Cellulite is not a weight issue, it is a skin issue, and as many as 90% of women have it. It effects all women, overweight or thin, and although there has yet to be a cure for cellulite, there are plenty of things you can be doing to either prevent it or lessen the appearance of cellulite you have.

You should always be looking after the inside as well as the outside, and a healthy diet should be the first thing you take in to account when fighting against cellulite. Nutrition is not my area of expertise, but I can help with the outside of the body and recommend Rodial’s Body Sculpture.  Body Sculpture is an intensive gel that is formulated to help moisturise skin problem areas. The fast acting formula of Body Sculpture is promoted when massaged onto the body in upward movements, focusing on problem areas – thighs, bottom and upper arms. I recommend using this twice a day for at least 4 weeks to see results. Don’t let cellulite beat you, fight back with this highly results-driven product and see the difference.

Last but not least is the deadly stretch marks, which are narrow, streak-like lines that can develop on the surface of the skin, they are often red or purple at first, before gradually fading to a silvery-white colour. Stretch Marks are very common and anyone can get them, including men. They can appear whenever the skin has been stretched as a result of sudden growth, for example during pregnancy, or through sudden weight gain or loss. Although there is no real cure there are products you can use to reduce the risk. The main one I’m going to talk about today is Rodial’s Stretch MX. This fab new product works to help reduce the formulation of new stretch marks whilst smoothing and firming the skin, perfect for use during pregnancy. This new and improved gel melts into the skin instantly and gives the skin’s cell renewal a boost, use twice daily for eight weeks and you will definitely see the difference.

I’ve only covered a few of the problem areas we all dread today.  If there are any I have missed that you would like to discuss please feel free to comment or contact me and I will do my very best to help you in any way I can.

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