If you’re anything like me, it’s become something of a challenge to get up and motivated for work on these dark, damp and grey mornings. However this morning I was lucky enough to have some products from the brand new Conran Bath and Body range delivered (Oh I do love this job!) which made my morning routine a bit more exciting.

There are two unisex fragrances available, simply called 1 and 2, and the products available include hand wash, bath wash and body scrub. I used the Conran 2 Green Stems Shower Gel, which has a really refreshing citrusy scent, absolutely perfect to wake me up! I followed it with the Conran 1 Oudh Wood Body Lotion, a gorgeously rich moisturiser with a spicy, festive scent that is still lingering hours later.

As you would expect from a brand that is synonymous with high end design, the Conran Bath and Body range is packaged in über-stylish bottles and jars which were designed specifically by Studio Conran. A true unisex range, the products were also used by my boyfriend resulting in glowing reviews, rather than the usual grumbling about how I’m ‘girlying up’ the bathroom!

Conran Bath & Body will make superb Christmas Gifts and are available for delivery now.

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