Protect your hands with Cowshed Manicure Kits

Winter’s frosty weather wreaks havoc with every member of the herd’s hooves, but this month Cowshed has the answer with its brand new Manicure Kit!  Compiled by the Heads of the Herd at Cowshed with perfectly polished talons in mind, Cowshed’s Manicure Kit is the ideal travel friendly size and includes a selection of Cowshed’s best sellers and must have tools to keep your paws in tip top condition ‘mid-mani’.

There are two kits available, The Cow Pat Manicure Kit and The Cow Slip Manicure Kit.  Each kit contains a Emery Board, 100% Cotton Moisture Gloves, an Orange stick, Nourishing Apricot Cuticle Oil and a Cow Pat or Cow Slip Hand Cream.

Below Amie Jones, Cowshed’s Head of Spas, shares her top tips to keep your hands in shape this winter.

1. File nails gently in the one direction to create a suitable shape for your hands.

2. Soak hands in warm water with a drop of lavender or lemon oil.  This will help discoloured nails.  Once cuticles are supple, gently push back cuticles with the orange stick.

3. Gently massage in Cowshed’s Apricot Cuticle Oil to nourish and protect cuticles.

4. Apply a small quantity of Cow Slip or Cow Pat Hand Cream and massage into hands.

5. For the ultimate in hydration, slip on the organic cotton gloves for an intense ‘at home’ moisturising treatment.

Top Tip Try slathering on your hand cream before bed, then apply your cotton gloves and wake in the morning to nourished hands ready to face the day!

Also new this month, Cowshed’s cult classic hand care is now available in handy 50ml travel sizes to ensure that you have sumptuous hands on the go. The refreshing grapefruit and coriander in the Cow Pat Hand Cream revitalise the senses and restores softness.  The zingy scent of the Cow Slip Hand Cream is new to the herd, charged with sweet orange to keep hands looking young and fresh and fresh peppermint essential oils to nourish dull skin.

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One thought on “Protect your hands with Cowshed Manicure Kits

  1. Love the idea of a travel kit, and it’s hard to beat the combination of gloves and moisturizer to keep hands soft and smooth. But I’m no fan of emery boards, to be perfectly honest. I used them for years but when I discovered the glass nail files I never went back to the emery boards. Why? Because the glass nail files don’t leave the little burrs and nicks, unlike emery boards. But a word of caution: Don’t buy the cheapest glass nail file on the shelf–you’ll be disappointed! The really cheap “crystal” files are often made of plastic and all the inexpensive ones have a sprayed-on finish that wears off quickly. Invest in a high-quality acid-etch Czech glass nail file. The finish will last virtually forever and the file can help make natural nails smoother and less prone to tears and flaking.


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