The DuWop story began in 1998 on the set of hit US TV show ‘Felicity’, when makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci developed Igels as a way to soothe the actors’ puffy eyes and dark circles. Following on from this DuWop’s breakthrough product, Lip Venom, was born from a curiosity to see if the full, pouty lips of the actors after a passionate love scene could be recreated using a blend of essential oils. Earning rave reviews from the early users, the power of word of mouth ensured the product, and those that followed, earned cult status in the US beauty scene.

We love DuWop’s innovative take on cosmetics, and how the range has grown through developing products that do the job with an exciting twist. We also love the old school glamour of the Lip Venom packaging, and how we covet the product so much we own it in every variety!

Why we chose DuWop

DuWop cosmetics have become a cult favourite amongst celebrities in the USA, and the effectiveness of the products is clear from the reviews and recommendations they have. We felt it was time to bring a bit of the DuWop glamour to our Bath & Unwind customers.

Why their products work

DuWop Lip Venom

DuWop adds an innovative twist to makeup, creating products that differ in some way from conventional cosmetics. They do this by using original formulations to achieve a desired end, such as plumped lips, and also by using simple methods such as basic colour theory to enhance the eyes.

Our hero product

Lip Venom, the original lip plumper, uses a blend of essential oils to cause a sudden rush of blood to the lips, making them fuller and sexier. Tip from DuWop makeup artist Jason Garner: “For added definition, apply Lip Venom to the lip line and using a neutral lip liner press Lip Venom into the lip line. The result, the lip line looks more pronounced, creating a fuller, sexier pout.”

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