Breaking Dawn was not the only Twilight phenom to launch this week; introducing Twilight Beauty from Simple Beauty, who also bring us DuWop. This makeup range is all about getting the looks from Twilight, via carefully selected colour palettes. Today I am going to show off the products I’ve had a chance to try, and indeed, fall in love with. You don’t have to be a Twilight fan to use this makeup!

Twilight Beauty products

Volturi Enrapture Lip Gloss in Arsenic & Luna Femme Fatale Lip Gloss in Myth

The first two products I got my hands on were these lip glosses, Volturi Enrapture in Arsenic and Femme Fatale in Myth. Both of them in the bottle look quite…well goth. This may surprise you, but that is not generally my go-to genre. I was happily surprised that, when tested, neither of these are as intense as they appear. Femme Fatale in Myth is officially my favourite new lip gloss, as it wears quite long for a gloss, and keeps its colour fairly evenly on my lips. It’s a great plum shade that is not too intense for wearing anytime, but can be layered if you want a little more intensity. Volturi Enrapture gloss would make a great daily-wear shade, as it just adds a hint of shine and shimmer to your natural lip look, as you can see below.

Twilight Beauty Lip Gloss swatches

Luna Palette in Bella

These makeup palettes are, in my opinion, the hero products in this line. They each create the spirit and mood of key characters from the Twilight Saga: Bella, Victoria, Alice, and Rosalie. They each contain two lip gloss shades, two eyeshadows and a blush. The one I decided to try was Bella, which is a neutral and slightly peachy colour palette. It’s quite subtle, but the golden shimmer in each of these gives a warm glow I think is perfect for the coming spring and summer seasons.

Twilight Beauty Luna Palette Bella swatches

So if you are a die-hard Twilight fan, or just looking for some solid additions to your makeup collection, I recommend you check out the entire Twilight Beauty range.

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