Carmex facts

As a bit of a lipbalm junkie, I rate the Carmex range highly and I normally have at least one of the many variations on me at any given time. After years of mainly using the traditional pot, I have recently become a convert to the squeezy tube version. The tube makes applying the product easy and you don’t have to get your fingers sticky in the process.

My Carmex
The contents of my pockets

Part of my job here at Bath & Unwind HQ is to write profiles on each of our brands, so you know a little more about how your favourite products came into being…

  • The original Carmex was created in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing in the kitchen of his Wisconsin home
  • Production was put on hold during the Second World War due to the rationing of key ingredient lanolin
  • Carmex is still run by the Woelbings, with the Carma Lab located in Milwaukee
  • Alfred Woelbing carried on working at the Carma Lab until the age of 96
  • The story that Carmex is addictive is just an urban legend
  • The classic Carmex pot is being redesigned, saving 35 tons of plastic a year.

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