Olverum Bath Oil – why it works for me

Olverum Bath OilBecause of my job, I’m lucky enough to have samples appear on my desk from time to time, (dangerous, I know). A few weeks ago I came across an amazing product.

With oils being my latest beauty fascination (one day it’s serums, the next it’s nail polish), I was keen to try Olverum Bath Oil when Emily said it was a brilliant product. I went home with a trial sachet and thought nothing of it.

A few days later, freezing cold from a long commute home, I felt that it was the perfect time to get warm and relax in a nice bath. After adding it to my bath water I initially noticed the pine and eucalyptus smell, which is the best thing about this product for me. I’m a chronic asthmatic, and with the cold conditions that we have had this winter (and having to walk up a particularly beastly hill), when I arrive home I’m usually gasping for air. Having a bath with Olverum Bath Oil helped the congestion in my sinuses and calmed my wheezy chest. Because of the essential oils, I believe that it would be a great product to help ease aches and pains too.

Getting into the bath, you immediately notice that your skin becomes silky smooth and soft. It’s what I expected from a bath oil, but I didn’t expect my skin to hold the moisture long after I got out of the bath. Usually my skin feels tight after bathing, but after my Olverum bath I didn’t feel like I needed to moisturise all over, so I skipped that part of my routine.

I would never have picked up this product or used it unless it had been recommended to me by Emily (and then, surprisingly, purchased by a fairly high profile person that shall remain nameless).

One tiny warning; don’t add too much of this to your bath. The essential oils could become overbearing. It’s good enough in small doses.

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