Make over your eye colour

The colour of my eyes is very hard to describe. They are a greeny-bluey-grey colour; they are not just one colour but a mixture of all three. One thing I can say about them is the darker I wear my eye makeup or the more black I wear around my eyes, they more dull they look. Take all that away and my eyes actually look a lot brighter. Last week I got my hands on a purple eyeliner, and since wearing it everyday I have noticed how much my eye colour stands out on my face! Because of this, I did some light research to find out what colour makeup I should be wearing around my eyes to make my eye colour ‘pop’ and this is what I found.

                            Blue Eyes

Blue eyes usually equals bright eyes. Use dark grey smoky hues to complement the natural brightness of your eyes and bring out their intensity. If you want to make your eye colour stand out even more, add a splash of dark blue around the outer corner of your eye. This will make the light blue of you eyes look even brighter and lighter compared to the dark blue of the eyeshadow.

Try Jemma Kidd Tailored Colour I-Ris Enhancer in Blue.

Green Eyes

As orange is nearly on the opposite side of the colour wheel to green, orange tones usually complement green tones really well. It is recommended that those with green eyes wear rusty or natural orange tones. This adds a bit more colour and light to your eyes, making your green eyes bold, bright and, well, greener. Wearing light brown eyeshadows with a splash of purple can also intensify the green in your eyes.

Try Jane Iredale Eye Steppes in Go-Green.

Brown Eyes

As brown eyes usually have naturally darker hues, wearing a deep shimmering brown eyeshadow with a splash of dark green and a dash of light blue or brown can make your eyes stand out even more than if you were wearing any other colour. The warm colours will match your eye colour, while making the white of your eyes look whiter therefore making the brown look deeper and darker.

Try Jane Iredale Eye Steppes in Go-Brown.

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