Aromachology is the study of the influence of fragrance on human behaviour, to examine the relationship between feelings and emotions such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness and well-being.

Scented candles are not only a beautiful way to add fragrance to your home, but the right lighting can have a positive impact on your mood and ability to relax. A more expensive candle will generally burn cleaner and last much longer due to the quality of its ingredients.

Reed diffusers are a great way to spread a long lasting, consistent and subtle scent throughout the room. If the scent seems to be fading, just pull the reeds out and turn them upside down.

Room mists create an instant calming environment without containing the harsh chemicals that most aerosol cans use. Take your room mist with you on holiday to create an at-home atmosphere.

Use other products such as pillow sprays, oil burners, body mists, linen mists and drawer liners to create a fresh harmony in your home.

My latest home fragrance favourite is This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which is only £15.00 (or 1,500 reward points).

I struggle to get to sleep most nights and I’ve found that this is a good natural option for me that really works.

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