We all know how important it is to cleanse and moisturise the skin on our faces, but how many of us think about the skin on our hands? We all know that after a long day running around or in the office, our hands can feel dry, dirty and just plain horrible. So, I’ve been searching Bath & Unwind to find some great hand care products to ensure we all keep our hands in tip top shape!

This attractive hand wash and lotion set is perfect to put by your kitchen or bathroom sink to help you to remember to moisturise your hands after washing them. With a fragrance that captures the essence of nature and set on a ceramic dish, these will leave your hands feeling fresh, fruity and fragrant!

Neom Organic  Real Luxury Hand Lotion

If you are the sort of person who likes a touch of luxury in your beauty regime, then why should your hand lotion be any different? Packed with 95% organic ingredients, perfect for a daily moisture boost and packaged in a sophisticated bottle this hand lotion definitely looks glamorous enough to have on your desk at work for an hourly fix!

Arran Aromatics Apothecary Lavender & Tea Tree Hand Soother

If yours hands are feeling especially dry and irritated then this Arran Aromatics Hand Soother may be the answer. This hand lotion is infused with lavender and tea tree, providing calming relief for dry and sore hands. For best results, use this hand soother after every time you wash your hands to lock in moisture .

If you are looking for a unisex style hand lotion for the man in your life to also use, this hand lotion is perfect for both males and females alike. Infused with essential oils of fresh pepper, spicy nutmeg and sweet cardamom, it  doesn’t smell (or look!) very feminine,  meaning that with this in your  bathroom, he has no excuse for dry, rough hands!

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