Birkenstock nails
We love our Birkenstocks

Every time the sun creeps out, I get excited about ditching my winter footwear in favour of wearing something from my vast collection of Birkenstocks, in my opinion the most comfortable footwear ever.

Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings depict pharaohs receiving foot and leg massages from their servants, suggesting pedicures of some form have been around for thousands of years. In the last few years, fish pedicures have become popular in the west. Originating in the Middle East, these involve tiny garra rufa fish feeding on the dead skin on your feet leaving them, if you believe the hype, softer and smoother.

I never seem to have the time to give my feet a proper pedicure, but some steps need to be taken to pretty them up enough that I am not embarrassed to be showing them off. Butter London have recently brought out a range of pedicure products that are perfect if you are short of time, or don’t have access to water, so are great if you will be at a festival or camping this summer.

Butter London Waterless Pedicure

  1. Use Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel to remove hard skin; easy to apply using the rollerball, it allows you to file away rough skin after a few minutes
  2. Use the Mucky Pups Foot Wipes to remove any remaining residue; these great wipes can also be used to freshen up and clean dirty flip flop feet
  3. Next, apply Kitten Heels Powder Finish Foot Crème to soften and hydrate; with its non-greasy powder finish, it won’t cause your sandals to slide off
  4. Follow with the Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm to soothe dry, cracked heels and prevent the build-up of rough skin
  5. Lastly, apply a few coats of your favourite nail polish; use a base coat to prevent staining and a top coat to make your pedicure last longer.

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