Ever wondered what the founder of an exceptional, results driven skincare brand would consider their favourite product, and how they get beach ready? Well, we were lucky enough to interview Kristy Cimesa, the founder of Elemental Herbology, and found out her best tips and tricks…

What inspired you to create Elemental Herbology and what is your philosophy when creating products?

During my years studying Chinese medicine and practising as a spa therapist, I felt there was a divide between high performance brands that were really results driven and spa brands that emulated a home spa experience. I wanted to create a line that offered ultimate nutrition for your skin, by combining high performance, bio-active ingredients with sophisticated technologies and exquisite plant oils, creating products that help counter the skin-damaging effects of ageing, our lifestyle and the environment.

Through an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, our nutritionally complete skincare formulations help to improve the health and vitality of the skin.

Our products are designed to enhance cell turnover, improve detoxification, protect against environmental aggressors, boost cellular activity and intensively hydrate and repair the skin to achieve a more radiant complexion, every day. Naturally imbued with the exquisite aromas of bio-active essential oils, our products will also help transform your daily skincare routine into a sensual, reviving and self-nurturing ritual.

What’s your favourite Elemental Herbology product and why?

I couldn’t live without Cell Food. It is brimming with antioxidants to help protect against the environment and contains plant proteins to help provide structural support for collagen and elastin synthesis. It is also rich in kimbuchka which is a phenomenal skin brightener and olive squalane, which gives the product a really low molecular weight making it very easy to absorb and giving it a lovely texture. It is so easy to apply morning and night under your moisturiser; you will see a dramatic difference and it also smells fabulous.

What are your best anti-ageing tips?

Do a weekly facial – exfoliate, deep cleanse and hydrate. Elemental Herbology have created a Weekend Facial Kit for this purpose. Drink lots of water, minimise direct and strong sun exposure, eat lots of avocados, nuts, linseed and oily fish and also use nutritionally rich skincare.

What would you recommend for someone looking to feel their best on the beach this summer?

To improve the texture and appearance of the skin, I recommend using a body exfoliator every second day for a week, such as Beach Prep Radiance Body Polish, which is rich in fruit enzymes and helps shed dead skin cells while also softening the skin. Follow with a morning and night application of SOS Circulation Serum on your hips, thighs and abdomen to help reduce fluid retention and make the skin appear more toned and smooth. Finally, apply a daily body hydrator, such as Sun Kiss, which contains subtle levels of a tanning agent, along with watermelon and macadamia oil, to give the skin a nice subtle, bronze glow.

Which celebrities are using Elemental Herbology products?

Rose Byrne loves Facial Souffle and Cell Food, Kiera Knightly is a fan of.

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