Rituals is a beautiful brand who believe our habits, rituals and actions shape our daily lives. They believe that by showering these routines with meaning, we can turn our ordinary, day to day rituals into extraordinary experiences.

We all love harmony in our homes, and the Rituals collection helps bring us balance in our body and soul. Their philosophy is portrayed through their different ranges:

Rituals Ranges

Ayurveda: The ancient health and beauty ritual from India.

Hammam: The Eastern steam bath at home.

Sakura: The Japanese celebration of life.

Tao: The balance of Yin and Yang.

Our tried and tested products

Rituals Violet & White Lily Eau de Parfum is the perfect feminine spring scent. It’s also available in a handy 20ml travel size, perfect for your handbag.

The Bath & Unwind boys tried out the Rituals Hammam Samurai Secret Shaving Cream. With ginger and basil, this doubles up as a shaving cream and aftershave balm. They agreed that it was perfect for sensitive skin.

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