With the spotlight this week being on the launch of the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ and OPI’s collaborative stunning new nail lacquer collection, I thought it would only be fair to pay homage to my favourite Bond girl of the lot: Dominique Derval, aka Domino, as played by French actress Claudine Auger in Thunderball.

Domino is the epitome of 60s chic – it’s all about the feline eyes and bouffant hair. It’s a style that appeals to everyone and can be reworked come day or night (a must for any Bond girl look I’m sure you’ll agree). And if that hasn’t persuaded you enough, then you may be interested to know that 60s-inspired makeup and hair were all over the Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalks – from the teased and voluminous hair at Carolina Herrera to the dramatic swoosh of eyeliner at Lanvin, not to mention the new H&M advert featuring Lana Del Ray. There is no denying it – a 60s revival is happening right now!

What’s more, this is the perfect look for those Christmas office parties (you know they’re looming!) Follow my steps below from 1-3 and apply some mascara for a daytime look and finish off with steps 4-10 to transform yourself to 60s siren for the evening.

10 steps to a 60s look any Bond girl would be proud of:

  1. Prep and prime your skin, and apply your base. I recommend using a mattifying primer like Becca Resurfacing Primer underneath your foundation (if you are wearing it) and concealer as this texture works best with the rest of the look.
  2. Apply a warm cream or light peachy colour over your whole eyelid and then blend a matte dark brown colour into the crease to define the shape of the eye and also along the lower lash line – Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Duo Eyeshadow in Autumn Leaves provides both these colours and will suit most skin tones. It’s important to keep the dark brown colour off the actual eyelid itself otherwise you won’t get the deep definition you want for this look.
  3. Define your brows. Brush your brows upwards into an arched shape and then, using a narrow tipped brush, apply a brow powder over the brow hairs – aiming to make them a shade darker than your natural hair colour. Personally I love DuWop Browwow as it also contains a pomade to keep your brow hairs in place. However if you don’t have this, my sneaky trick for you is to use a clear lip balm instead to keep them in place.
  4. Line your upper lash line with a black liquid eyeliner, such as Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Start thinly at the inner corner and work your way outwards making the line slightly thicker towards the outer third of the lid and flicking the line up and out at the end. If you struggle to get your flicks even on both sides like I do, I recommend looking straight into a mirror and placing a tiny dot on the outer edge if each eye where you want the flick to finish before you start.
  5. Line the lower lash line with a black pencil or kohl like Becca Automatic Eye Pencil in Majorca and soften the line slightly with either a smudger or your finger. Then use a light-reflective concealer under this line to brighten the eye and ‘clean up’ the smudging and also under the eyebrow and along the brow bone to further emphasize the brow.
  6. Apply tons of pitch black mascara! Use one with a thick fat brush that will load your lashes like The Balm Cheater Mascara and concentrate on the outer lashes by pulling the brush upwards and outwards – this will give your eyes a more feline shape. If you’re really going for it, I also recommend applying lashes such as Jane Iredale Professional Faux Lashes which come as individual lash clusters that can just be applied to the outer corners of the eye – they are much easier to apply.
  7. Use a matte bronzing or contouring powder such as Becca Mineral Bronzer & Illuminator Duo in Serrana to contour your face. Sweep the darker shade forward from your temple, underneath your cheekbone (pouting will make this easier) stopping in line with the centre of your eye. Also blend underneath your jawline to define this further.
  8. Blend a subtle highlighter or illuminator lightly along the top of your cheekbone to brighten your face.
  9. Apply a red-orange colour to your lips. For the ultimate 60s look this should be a satin lipstick such as Jane Iredale Puremoist Lipcolour in Nicole. However, for a more modern spin on things, you could use a vibrant lip gloss such as Becca Ultimate Colour Gloss in Malibu Punch.
  10. Apply a finishing powder if necessary over your face to keep all your hard work in place and if you have time, a nude nail such as OPI Tickle My France-y is a must for this look.

For your hair, you’re going to need to do plenty of back-combing and apply a shed load of hairspray to get this sort of volume, and whether you leave it straight & loose or fix it up into a beehive is up to you. Then, finish the look off with a wide black hairband. Et voila! You’re finished! Now go find your 007!

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