Most mornings before work, I feel tired, sluggish and dread the thought of getting out of bed from under my cosy duvet! I like to jump in the shower as quickly as I can to get myself up and ready for the day. So, I needed an everyday use showergel that not only cleans and smells great but doesn’t irritate my skin.

From my previous post, you learnt how sensitive my skin can be. Showering under hot water can make my skin bright red, so I have to be extra careful with what products I use. Say hello to Yes To Cucumbers Shower Gel.Yes to Cucumbers Shower Gel

This is a fantastic product to use, especially for my sensitive skin. It smells really refreshing and wakes me up in the morning. It comes in a good size bottle and it also acts as a bubble bath so overall, it is great value for money, especially for an everyday essential that will last a long time.

To use, just squeeze a small amount onto a buffer and lather into a foam. Or, whilst running a relaxing bath, pour a little into the bath whilst the water is running. This will be great to soothe and calm your skin as you relax with a magazine or book!

When I found this product, I wanted to find out why cucumber was so great for my skin. According to research I found, cucumber and skin cells share the same level of hydrogen. Therefore, cucumber contains 90% water, which is why it is so cooling and hydrating. It also contains a high level of vitamin C, which helps reduce inflammation. Whilst soothing and softening the skin, it helps mask all the problem areas (rashes or redness).

If you suffer from sensitive skin, I recommend trying this out.

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