Care for your hands this winter with Green & Spring

The winter months can be disastrous for our hands. The combination of drying central heating and the cold biting wind all take their toll, and like many people I find my hands getting very dry and sore. This year, with the help of Green & Spring, I am prepared for all that winter can throw at me. I also love the added bonus that all Green & Spring products are made with 100% natural botanicals, sourced ethically and from the UK. Oh, and the packaging is gorgeous!

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Give yourself a fighting chance of avoiding all those dreaded coughs and colds by keeping your hands clean and sanitised. This hand gel has the consistency of a runny cream, rather than a thick gel, and has a unique fragrance. Unlike traditional hand sanitisers, this natural formulation does not contain alcohol which can dry your hands out even more. I keep it with me in my bag, just in case.

Relaxing Hand Wash

The delicate scent of lavender, thyme and rosemary is lovely and added vitamin E helps keep hands soft.

Intensive Hand Cream

Perfect for this time of year, adding an intensive hand cream to your beauty regime will keep hands soft, supple and smooth, as well as protected from the elements. Clary sage, lavender and chamomile work together to deeply hydrate and nourish dry hands.

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